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A Love Poem For Mama

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Mama, thank you for teaching me to speak,
the most beautiful and sweet words,
and leading me to the most wonderful place.
Thank you for teaching me to pray,
and helping me to learn my ABC’s.
Thank you for your undying love and protection.
Thank you for your constant guidance and reminders.
Thank you for your endless forgiveness and acceptance.
Thank you for your consistent sympathy and compassion.
Thank you for your unfailing support and encouragement.
Mama, there were a lot of things that I should tell you.
But right now, I only want you to know
I love you very much.
I would always be grateful to God,
for sending me a real angel, Mama.

This poem was written/submitted by Rowena Napuli.

Still Crave For Her Love..

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Mother its 18yrs and some months
since the day you gave me life…

I wish . . i could
lay my head in your lap..
receive a charming smile from you
kiss you on your cheeks
share all my feelings with you..
get pampered when i needed you the most….
trust me a little……..being our child

And now i just hope….all this come true soon
Mother I Love You.

This poem was written/submitted by Pradnya Mahajan..

I Love you mom

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Mother….You give me inspiration every time i look at you
you are my hero you are my friend
you’ll be beside me until the end
you’ll ask me how i am through all the years
telling me you are in tears
i grow older and older until i move
my mom calls me says im in tears
i ask why i miss my daughter i had for years.

I love you mom.

This poem was written/submitted by brae.

My Mother

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When i was young, i saw that
my mother had these wings.
They glowed and shimmer and never seemed,
to go far from her reach.
Jealous i was, i wanted some,
to show off to my friends,
bu then one day she dint come back.
i was sure it was the end.
daddy said she took her wings and flew up to the sky.
and she would be back down one day t carry me up high.
so everyday i look up there, I’m hoping to see,
my mother soaring big and strong, still thinking of me.

This poem was written/submitted by layla.


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I can not hear you,
I can not see you,
I can not touch you,
But i feel u around me always,
I know you are there,
Deep inside,
Hidden in my heart,
This is where you are,
This is where you belong,
It’s been so long
I miss you,
Every breath i take,
Brings me a step closer to you,
Sometimes i wish i didn’t have to wait,
To be with you,
To see you,
To hear you,
To touch you,
To feel your arms around me,
Holding me tight,
Keeping me safe
I love you mom
Always and forever.

This poem was written/submitted by jeannette.

Mommy At Heaven

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Mom i don’t know why you had to go,
Im feeling so lost no one will ever know.
God knew you were tired and said it was your time to go.
Though im feeling lost god has a plan,
I just wish i knew before now my mind is spinning like a fan,
I put my faith in gods hands,
And he will take me to the promise land,
Where i know i will see your beautiful face,
And someday we will win this race.
But untill then i will be good,
So i can one day see you again mommy at heavens doors.

This poem was written/submitted by katie.

Mummy I Still Love You

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i try to hug you,but you walk away
i tell you i love you, you say that’s okay
did i do something mummy to make you feel this way?
i love you still and more everyday and in my heart you will stay.
even though you will always walk away.
you dont make it easy but i can safely say mummy i still love you to this day.

This poem was written/submitted by anonymous.

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