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Every night I wanna go.
Somewhere new , some place to go.
I thought about it for a while.
And left one day.
Nothing left and
Nothing to say.
I came back one day to see his face.
But he was gone in this big disgrace.
Its hurts so bad , it makes me sad.
That it had to be you not me.
As much as I would enjoy .
Its over a boy.
So i dont even know if its worth it.
I cried myself to sleep that night.
Cause` I couldn’t handle that big fight.
I couldn’t handle it anymore.
I was headed for the door.
I closed my eyes not saying goodbye.
I`d be your angel high in the sky.
I`d be there fading away.
And there im gone forever to lay.

This poem was written/submitted by Summer Schaefer.

I Am Dying

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People Are Lying
But I Will Keep Trying
On The Outside I May Be Crying
But On The Inside I Am Dying

My Friends Don’t Care
I Can Tell By The Smiles That They Wear
I Can’t Get Rid Of The Hurtful Memories That We Share
I Feel Like My Heart Will Surely Tear

People Are Lying
But I Will Keep Trying
On The Outside I May Be Crying
But On The Inside I Am Dying.

This poem was written/submitted by Tamara.

Stubborn Angel

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The closer this nocturnal journey comes to an end
The more i fear to see the morning sun
How desperately i hope for this moment to be paused
And put it on a bottle then get it tightly closed

You are the sweetest bitter chocolate that ever melted in our mouths
You are the sun rays that comes out on a sky filled with clouds
You are the joy in every tears that continuously fall
You are the only stubborn angel our hearts will ever know

I know that this is inevitable
That life is way beyond our control
But the thought that you’ll go and won’t come back
Is the hardest part that i have to take

These tears flooding my face won’t stop as i touch your face on the glass
Every scene i had with you plays on my mind with the hope it won’t last
But i know this time alot will change
For only my dreams will i see your face

Now everyday would be like a morning without sunshine
A night time without the moon and the stars
A life without your laughter
And a lifetime full of emptiness and tears .

This poem was written/submitted by Rhea Anne Paas-Rance.

Endless Sorrow

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Summertime it comes and goes
wintertime it snows and snows
and oh the wind it blows and blows
so cold
when the rainbow it will unfold
into the sunshine so untold
stand on your own you are so bold
keep on
how the hell can you feel so tall
but in this world we are so small
into the heavens hear its call
to rest
the door is open,open wide
and as a guest you step inside
but in the shadow it will hide
you soul
to lay your head at last to sleep
many secrets painfully you’ll keep
inside the darkness friends will weep
the broken
you feel it now inside your mind
a fear of having eyes so blind
hearing words screamed so unkind
all hated.

This poem was written/submitted by tim boyd.

Life to me

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What does life mean to me,
It means depression as far as the deep blue sea,
Life is a very hard,
Like picking out a birthday card,
As I listen to music in my bed,
I have depressing thought fill my head,
Crying weeping ,
Sitting creeping,
It’s hard to be me in my age,
Some times it feels like I’m trapped in my own cage,
Heart brakes,
Painful regretful mistakes,
Go back to good times,
It seems like our lives are just slime,
Endless pain,
It seems like life is a struggling game,
Time no time in the end,
No worries this will never happen again,
This is the end of time for me,
My life is hard as u all see.

This poem was written/submitted by Courtney Hoffmaster.

The Death Wish

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Why Sleep? if the sleep brings you nightmares
Why Dream? if the dreams always crashes and break like mirrors.

Why Live? if the life here and after equals horror.
Why Cry? if there are many existed rivers

Why Awake? if Awakening has no value
Why See? if seeing has no volume

Why Love? if love is pain
Why Wish? if all the wishes goes down to the drains.

This poem was written/submitted by Khandaker Saadi.

Hard life

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I am how i am cuz of a hard life
I dont know how i manage all the pain, misery an strife.
Ill sit sometimes an ask god y?
Im a real tough dude an still wanna break down an cry.
I grew up rough an its all good
If i can go back i dont think id change my childhood
We all have it hard an different ways to go about it
U can say there is worse people, right now i doubt it
There is no limit on how much pain i can take
Yea itll slow me down but im not gonna break
Just cuz someone cant be beat doesn’t mean they always wanna fight
An just cuz i can handle it doesn’t mean i dont want things to be alright
Right now i got a lot weight on my shoulders
It just gets heavier an heavier as i get older
I train an train an that’s weight i just cant lose
If u wanna appreciate ur life just step in my shoes
I appreciate u reading what i write
i wont help most of u, but some of u it might.

This poem was written/submitted by robert oregon.

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