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“Im Not Perfect”

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Why no one can love me like what I’m??

I’m not a perfect person
I’m human too,and I can do something wrong,can do mistake….

when i do mistake always anyone judge any forgive to me too….
Anyone just look my fault,not look my Love

I like not deserve to get love from someone….
He always save my mistake

I just can say “I’m not perfect”
I just need forgive me of all my mistake.

This poem was written/submitted by Dolarois Samantha.

For You

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It’s been almost 9 months,
And tomorrow it will be,
Nine amazing months.
Of you and me.

When I first met you,
I thought we would be together forever,
But here I am now,
Possibly writing my last goodbye letter.

I know you don’t want to have this,
But please take it from me,
It is just you that I will always miss,
The memories of you and me.

I love you is what I used to say,
For me there was no other
Because you were on my mind,
I hope i can say I love you on Christmas Day.

Now this one promise I made to you,
And this one promise I will keep:
“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you always,
because no matter what, my baby you will always be.”

This poem was written/submitted by Bradway Byrd.

Melting Eyes

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So hot
melting my eyes into hazy puddles
turning my blood
to lava in my veins
i can’t move–
my joints have fused together
and i can’t think
because flames are devouring my brain.

and yet, i enjoy this
i let my skin turn a crispy black
let my fears melt away
as fire eats away at my body.

i close my eyes
because this will all be over when i open them…
if i ever open them…

This poem was written/submitted by Sara Briscoe.

Right to break the heart?

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Why do we hurt the other’s hearts?
Why do we break the others hopes?
It’s just for fun, or thats the life?
Do we have right to cause a pain?
When outside is so much rain!
Just give the warm, forgive yourself
And love you friend like cool of rain
In sunny day, or moony night
Do we have right to hurt the hearts?
Do we have time in our lives to hurt, to cry?
Just smile and love, and feel beloved
Just call or write, then say good-bye
With hope to see your friend again
To share thoughts, to split that day
Of happiness and sorrow! HEY!!!………….
And then at night, when moon is white
Just think – if you have right
To hurt the heart, the other’s heart?

This poem was written/submitted by D.J..

Everyday Feelings

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Everyday feelings of love and hate
Everyday pains I’d like to negate
I’m sick of this world trying to bring me down
I may be a fool but i am no clown

I think its time to remove my mask of stone
For beneath i am but flesh and bone
And start to walk among the free
For only then i will find the real me

So if you’re looking and i am not found
Just put an ear to the ground
For i may be close or i may be far
Or perhaps I’m that beautiful shining star.

This poem was written/submitted by C.Young.

16th Birthday

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I woke up to a day I didn’t expect,
To find my dad had already left.
I had to call him and tell him it was my birthday,
He said ‘thought it was Monday’.
I talked all day on the phone.
But in reality I felt alone.
All my life I’d wished and prayed to be
With dad on my birthday.
He said he’d be home at twelve.
I didn’t think he meant twelve at night,
And my birthday was gone.
Not a card, not a cake,
Just the feeling of being alone.
I guess wished sometimes don’t come true, But I’ll always remember
On that day I wasn’t with you . . .

This poem was written/submitted by Candice - Louise Hearne.


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You left behind memories
you left behind tears
you left behind all of us

you went to a land way better then here
you went to a place where you gain wings
and a sparkling halo

but i guess you didn’t really leave
because once you got your wings
you flew right back to us

no we can’t see you
no we can’t hear you
no we can’t hug you
but we can talk to you
and that’s all that every matters

you comfort us
you wipe away our tears
you keep away bad dreams
you help through life
and what every it brings
you help grandma through pain
you her through each day

Thank you for coming back papa
Thank you for never truly leaving
Thank you for being my guardian angel
And thank you for being my hero.

This poem was written/submitted by jaime.

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