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To My Sons

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I miss my kids and every day
it gets harder to stand.
I wake up and search my life
and search the land.
What to do,
What to do….
I’m incomplete with out you.
My sons went their separate ways, and
yes I know you are grown.
But momma will always love you.
Even though you all are on your own.
Just know that wherever you are.
Mom is sitting here thinking of you,
Whether you are near or far.
I will always love you and that
feeling will never part.
That is my promise to you.
That comes straight from my heart.

This poem was written/submitted by Tammy Morales.


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All I want is to be happy
I don’t know if I know how
To be happy anymore.
You took all that from me.
You made me sad.
You made me mad.
I fake this smile everyday
To make the people
I love happy.
All I want is to be happy.
Just get out of my life,
so I can make that happen.

This poem was written/submitted by Morgan Conn.


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If hate my life
If you could change it
Would you?
All the pain, suffering
It hurts me
Haunts me
i should leave but i can’t
Too scared to keep living
If i died would you remember me,
For the happy, nice girl i was
Would you remember me?

This poem was written/submitted by Shuweya Hussein.

Thinking of You

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There’s not a day that goes by,
where I don’t think about you.
Every time I do, I cry.

Four years ago this day,
… you said goodbye to us all,
In the blink of an eye.

Wish you were here,
to comfort me,
and dry my tears.

This poem was written/submitted by LIndie Wang.

You Once Were Here

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You once were here… But now you’re gone…
You were not here for very long…..
The best part of me… My love… My joy… The very heart of me
Taken from me in a moment…..A moment….
A moment is all I had…A moment is all that I have
The questions..Why you?..Why not me?…WHY!!
There are no answers…There is no “Why”
Flashes in time…A smile…A laugh…A word…
This is all I have of you now…
Locked up in a special place in my mind..forever young..
…You once were here…But now you’re gone….
….I miss you son…

This poem was written/submitted by Michael Logue.

Who Can I Be

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Late at night as i lay in bed,
As many thoughts rush through my head,
I think about the weak and strong,
… I question all the right from wrong,
I wonder who could i really be,
I think of what’s gotten into me,
I hang out with the entirely wrong crowd,
All these thoughts i am thinking out loud,
What is this life i am in?
My head is now beginning to spin,
I pace my room without a sound,
Walking in circles round and round,
All these questions i have to ask,
I can never finish a single task,
My heart is beating really fast,
Asking myself will this really last
Nothing i do feels like it’s right,
Even though i am very bright,
Why does it feel this way?,
The exact same thing every day
So here i am thinking in my head,
All the negative things i’ve said,
This is not the real me,
It definitely cannot be
Sitting here thinking for a while,
I find myself beginning to smile,
All these emotions i have to express,
Letting go of all this stress,
Sitting here in the rain,
Feeling all of this pain,
Like a flower i begin to wilt,
Holding onto all this guilt,
While falling asleep i begin to cry,
Thinking about how hard i try,
As I am beginning to find my way,
I think who am i today
Thinking about all the nights i cried,
Holding all these feelings inside,
Now getting all them off my chest,
Doing good, only hoping for the best,
My life is like a story told,
My heart is something that i hold,
It’s not something on my sleeve,
As many things as i achieve
I think about all the positive things,
Hurt feels like a big bee sting,
Life isn’t something I can find in a tree,
It’s only what’s inside of me
Late at night as i lay in bed,
All these thoughts rushing through my head,
I no longer think about the weak and strong,
Nor do i question the right from wrong.

This poem was written/submitted by Aida Pelaiz.


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Teddy bear teddy bear
Can I lean on you?
I’m hurt and confused,
Tell me what to do.
Its been a long time since I confided in you.
In my advancing age,
I though I no longer needed you,
So I put you away,
Stuffed you in a corner,
And tried to go on with my life,
Which got harder.
You sat in a corner,
For years on end.
You watched my heart break then mend.
You used to comfort me when ever I needed it.
When I was angry you took the hit.
But my problems are bigger now,
And your all worn down.
I no longer smile,
My lips were a constant frown.
So teddy bear, teddy bear,
Can I lean I on you?
Work your magic,
And tell me what to do.

This poem was written/submitted by johnny walker.

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