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The stitches in my rag doll
are coming loose again
along with all the memories
I had hidden in them
The love I had for only one
The hate I had for another
The fun I had with all my friends
and the bad times that I had
all these things were wrapped up
in the stitches of my rag doll.
The tears I cried
The happiness poured in
The anger a thousand times placed
would all amount to nothing
if the stitches came unlaced
I grasp for the memories
I desperately need to keep
but as my rag doll unravels,
the memories in the stitches
are all forgotten, lost, without a trace.
As time goes on, as new memories are made
I can’t help but wonder
where those forgotten memories went
those untouched dreams
the ones I started
but never finished…

This poem was written/submitted by Hannah Morris.


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As I lie here asleep
I dream of how it will feel six feet deep
Will this pain then be the same
Or will it be the end of the game
I pray there will be no more tears
And that I will have nothing more to fear
But as I lay here in complete dark
I wonder, if up above, I left my mark
Is there anyone who would really care
Maybe they won’t even realize I’m not there
I hope they’ll think about me every once in a while
Maybe even remember me with a smile
As I recall the smiles on their face
I ask myself, was it really an unbearable place
It is extremely lonely and quiet down here
The silence is deafening to my ears
Is this a tear coming from my eye
Or is it the rain seeping in from the sky
I realize now, there will always be some pain
And from here, there is nothing to gain
But now as I lie here six feet deep
I wish I was…………only asleep

This poem was written/submitted by Lavida Stevens.

A sad poem

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All the hours are moving
My tear ready to drop
And it wont seem to stop
My mind is going crazy
I cant seem to find my place, in such a confined space
Im tired of trying my hardest
Of living through the same day
I wish i could view it things differently
Because nothing is getting better
I dont want to go
But i dont want to cry
Im really really confused
Always wondering why im here
I wish i wan invisible, that i could somehow disappear
Im lonely, oh so lonely
Need someone to hold me
So insecure and un-free
And i can barely breath
I cant get enough air
I long for someone to love me
For someone to care
Because im slipping away slowly
Its harder to hold on
Oh, im getting weeker
And im almost gone…

This poem was written/submitted by donna.

Murder Of Unborn

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The cry of the unborn wakes me
i remember,the memory of the pain
its accusing eyes piercing through
the restless soul of a guilty mother.
only at the edge of blissful reasoning
did she master the cry of agony in pain
of a soul in perish.
in a mind jail without choice,she is
convicted in a playground of carcass
sentenced of murder
of an infant that never was.

This poem was written/submitted by Liz Kaniki.

I want to smile

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I don’t want to cry today
I don’t want to feel like my heart is dying
I just want to be a normal person again
I want to smile

I don’t want to be this sad anymore
I don’t want to cry today
I just want to get away from this life
I want to find my biggest fear

I don’t want to hate my life
I don’t want to bleed from the knife
I just want a cheerful life again
I want to be happy in this house

I don’t want to feel this pain
I don’t want to go insane
I just want to be normal again
Can I be happy Now?

This poem was written/submitted by Alexandria Wine.

The Final Goodbye

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He sits there head in his hands; still and unmoving.
Pain pushing him down like a huge weight.
The tears fall down silently like summer rain as he replays the scene.
Many questions are asked but the what ifs never matter.
How can life be so cruel? He wonders.
It never made you stronger, just more susceptible to fear.
He cries up to the stars wishing for just one more chance,
Even though he knows the heavens have made their call.
His soul bows as he whispers a delayed goodbye,
Maybe I’ll join you my friend,
Only in a better life… in a better life.

This poem was written/submitted by Celina.

Today Without Tomorrow

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I might as well be a good actor,
Pretending that I’m fine.
But who would know everyday I’m weaker,
Sometimes think of suicide.

The scars on my arm reminds me of the pain,
The hurt inside my heart still remains …
Lots of question going through my head,
Day and night you drove me to death …

From this minute counted to ten,
I’m going to have this sorrow …
You will never see me again,
Because without you I will not have tomorrow …

This poem was written/submitted by Sam.

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