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Every night…

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Every night I go to bed
Thinking of all that’s done and said
If I had just one wish to get back the lost part of me
I’d take you back in time and make you see
I’m not what you’re mistaking me to be
You and me together is all I wanna see
Baby I know you don’t wanna hear
But all I do right now is swear
that I never meant to hurt you
Never see you cry
How is it that you don’t see
How much I try??

This poem was written/submitted by princess.

I want you to know

DownUp +1

I want you to know,
that i saved all those IMs

When my parents were fighting,
throwing things and words back and forth

I was crying in my closet,
looking at those IMs

They were the only things that kept me going
that made me smile

But then I got one IM
i never wanted to see

“we should just stay friends”

I shouldn’t have been surprised when i saw it
But even for you, that was low.

This poem was written/submitted by Kristen.

Kiss Me, Kill Me.

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Kiss me, kill me
Leave me to die.
Don’t ever look back,
not in my eye.
Because all you will see,
is your broken destiny.
All the despair
that burns the night’s air.
So now i must say,
My death is today.

This poem was written/submitted by Nita Clemente.

One of Those Days

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Just like everyother day.
Unbarable frustration.
Could it be any other way?
Constant loss of concentration,
Loosing track of words and work.
Everything far and distant.
Trying not to be a jerk.
Getting the past mixed with the present.
Nothing is going right.
The day’s end comming ever so slow.
Looking forward to another sleepless night.

This poem was written/submitted by Kayla Parker.

Bury Me To Eternity

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Silence glow within the dark
As humility stumble with kindness
Sorrow is a malignant curse
That begins confusion and sadness

Devastated dreams and luck
Thoughts deceived by words
Intensely dropped broken hope
Pierced by countless swords

Destiny proclaims a mystery
A day so close and deep
Sun’s virtues were untold
To my ears are saved to creep

Blood rustle down my veins
Huge remorse to defeat and break
Hatred and guilt all follows
With this deep wound that you make

Relieve me now my dearest
In this tormented vanity
Give me touch of affection
And “Bury Me To Eternity”

This poem was written/submitted by Pink Butterfly.


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Life and love
covered with gloves
so you cant see the scars
that could put someone behind bars
but it was you
you saved me from myself
he saved me all by himself

Are you ok? he asked
so i took off my mask
and showed him the real me
showed him all that i could be
this was the real me wasn’t it?
it is hard to admit
but i am not sure
i think i need a cure.

This poem was written/submitted by kiara.

Why Do people Not Understand

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i dont judge books by their cover,
nor do i judge boys by looks,
all that matters is whats on the inside.
why cant people understand i love him.
so let us be.
day by day, every one says, you can do better then him.
why cant you let us be
why do people not understand that i love him, so let us be.

This poem was written/submitted by Rebekah.

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