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Always with you

DownUp +89

I once was here but now I’m gone I wasn’t here for very long
You held me close as if you knew.
That some day soon I wouldn’t be with you
No one knows why God called me that day
But in his arms I now must stay
But I’m still here right by your side,
and with my heart I feel your pride.

I miss you mommy everyday but in this place I now must stay.
But don’t feel sad as I’m not far I’m in the wind the sun and that shining star.
So mommy mommy please don’t cry as I’m always here right by your side.

This poem was written/submitted by Clare Page.


DownUp +61

A single emotion
Brings hundreds of tears
Each one warm and salty
Like water droplets
In the Pacific Ocean
Some are caused by joy
Others by sorrow
They affect everyone around you
People you love
People you despise
But mostly,
They affect your heart and soul
Leaving a scar forever

This poem was written/submitted by Amina H..


DownUp +42

There’s always tears in my eyes
I sometimes want to break down and cry
But I have to pretend everything is fine
I’m strong, nothing’s wrong.

This poem was written/submitted by Destiny Klepacki.

The Day After Goodbye

DownUp +12

As I lie here wrapped up in this blanket,
All I can think about is you.
My friends are all here and think I’ll make it
But all these tears are eating away the blue.
Sky is grey and rain is pouring,
As I sit her in this bitter sweet mourning.

This poem was written/submitted by Taylor Bowman.

Pretty Girl

DownUp +49

Pretty girl with gray eyes
Heart full of hurt all based on lies
She lays awake at night
Trying not to cry
But the tears steady flow
As she runs to the door
Trying to escape a world
Of hate, pain and lies
Wanting and demanding what
They can never have
“Leave me alone”
She wants to shout
But nothing came out
Just a blank look
As they scream and shout

This poem was written/submitted by Gabrielle Allen.


DownUp +33

Trapped I am,
Trapped I’ll be.
The pain I feel,
You’ll never see.
From wall to wall, ceiling to floor,
There are no windows, there are no doors.
I scream, I cry
I fall, I die.
I hurt no more, I open my eyes
Someone, something, had heard my cries.
Then the world goes dark and I feel my pain,
I won’t be trapped! No not again!
I fall once more into my nightmare,
Trapped I am now, and will forever stay there.

This poem was written/submitted by Corey.

The Fear

DownUp +9

Why am I sitting here,
wishing you were here.
Don’t you know I’d die the same,
if it would’ve taken away your pain.
Six whole years today,
since you’ve gone away.
Love is my only fear,
cause I’ve seen how fast it can disappear.
The drugs never take away,
the misery of your face.
I wish I could take back time,
so our relationship could have climbed.
My father the only regret I have,
is telling you I hate you the day that you died.

This poem was written/submitted by Anna Elkins.

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