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I tried…

DownUp +34

Every night I go to bed
Thinking of all that’s done and said
If I had just one wish to get back the lost part of me
I’d take you back in time and make you see
I’m not what you’re mistaking me to be
You and me together is all I wanna see
Baby, I know you don’t wanna hear
But all I do right now is swear
That I never meant to hurt you
Never to see you cry
How is it that you don’t see
How much i try…

This poem was written/submitted by Neha.

The End Of My Days

DownUp +6

Life is why we all exist.
Life is what some resist.
We all live in a chamber of solitude.
Some develop a depressed attitude.
No joy can ever be let out
but sadness can always come in.
No one can ever hear a shout
and happiness becomes a sin.
If I could die right now, I would.
If I would die right now, I should.
Life is cruel, life is unfair.
If I should die, who would care?
My chamber keeps growing small,
my heart seems ready to fall.
My sad soul has flown away,
my body is not here to stay.
Being a sad soul is what I’m meant to be,
being dead is my final destiny.

This poem was written/submitted by Ian Anderson.

A Simple Smile, A Scream Inside

DownUp +58

There’s so much no one knows,
So much that no one sees,
About the way I feel inside, my thoughts and all my needs.

Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t look,
Or the fact that I don’t show,
Either way, there are things inside that no one seems to know.

I want to show the world,
I want everyone to see,
All the thoughts and ideas that flow inside of me.

Maybe you haven’t noticed,
Or maybe you didn’t dare,
To find out who I am, to show me that you care.

I’m screaming on the inside,
A smile is what you see,
But I’m not content with the person I seem to be.

There’s a different person on the inside,
That I can’t seem to show,
But maybe if you took the time, that person you could know.

By : Stephanie Schultz

This poem was written/submitted by Deanna.


DownUp +29

Scars she couldn’t hide
Bruises on her back
Pain she always felt
Love is what she lacked.
She never really knew
Or understood why
He loved to see her hurt
And loved to see her cry.

One day she began to tell him
Just what was on her mind
She never got to finish
The words were left behind.
She never saw it coming
Not a thought was in her head
She lay there on the floor
Cold, alone, and dead.

This poem was written/submitted by Shana Goodman.


DownUp +7

How did I let you come in and control all of my life?
How can something like you cause me so much sadness and strife?

You controlled when I cleaned, you controlled when I worked
The responsibilities I had you made me shirk
You made me neglect all the things that I held dear
You made me do things that I would normally fear
You made me sleep and controlled when I woke
You made me start rows, you made me provoke
You controlled when I bathed, you didn’t care if I wasn’t clean
You made me become selfish, you made me be mean
You made me believe things that were lies and not true
You left me feeling sad, so lonely and blue

But because of all these things you have made me wise
Because of all these things I have come to realize
That there’s no point in fighting a battle I’ll never win
There’s no point trying to take it on the chin
Today is the day that I give up the fight
Today is the day that I surrender to your might

This poem was written/submitted by Teresa.

Mirror Image

DownUp +28

When i look in the mirror,
all i see is a girl,
unfamiliar to me
As the strangers we see every day
This girl i see wears a mask
to hide who she truly is inside
I see a fake smile
to hide her sorrow
Every day, I see this girl
and Every day people fail to see me,
inside the fake
She talks to me
to keep her from going insane,
All the while crying
to heal the pain

This poem was written/submitted by Feen.

Whats inside

DownUp +38

She’s got the looks,
she’s got the clothes,
but what’s inside nobody knows.
She’s got the attitude,
she’s got the style,
something is hidden but she covers it with a smile.
Her life is hell,
nobody cares,
no one sees inside,
no one sees her tears.
She’s locked herself up,
and thrown away the key,
no one will understand,
no one will ever see.

This poem was written/submitted by Gidget.

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