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Behind Guarded Eyes

DownUp +11

Just a simple smile
It’s amazing what you can hide
It’s so easy to pretend
With everyone so blind

Just a few small words
It’s all so fake
Am I living in a nightmare?
Or am I awake?

It’s hard to say
How I really feel
Is it a misunderstanding?
Or is it real?

Who to trust
It’s hard to be sure
Who will care?
I’m confused once more

Deep within the soul
The truth lies
Hidden from the world
Behind guarded eyes

This poem was written/submitted by Kayla.


DownUp +10

I feel pain every day
its hard to make it go away
I lie in bed at night and cry
telling myself that I’ll get by
as tears run down my cheek
I can hardly speak
I feel so weak
nobody knows the pain i feel
but it is very real
so as i lye in bed tonight
I tell myself everything is alright
because i know i can make it through another day
Just trying to fight the pain away

This poem was written/submitted by heaven.


DownUp +1

Whispers on the ocean tide
Flow as softly as the skys
they flow to you
and tell you I said good-bye

Screams and yells
come from the skys
as pain and sorrow
wash through your eyes

I cry and hurt
as my body twitches
finally I become still
and I began to die

Finally I am died
and gone to heaven above
I meet a man who whispers to me
If you want you can go back to him

I say no, I cant because I’ve hurt you
I left you on purpose
so that i dont hurt you
but in truth i hurt you anyway

I walk to a garden
and sit on a stump
I began to cry
I hurt for you
I cry for you
and most of all I love you

This poem was written/submitted by Brittney Ross.


DownUp +3

Please tell me why,
he never notices me,
maybe it’s because I’m too shy,
If only he could see,

That I’m not always quiet,
like people think I am,
I can chat to the best I can,
but it’s so hard when people say your the one who’s well, quiet!

If only he could looked past all that,
and see who i truly am,
he might take more notice of me…….
…but maybe it was not meant to be.

This poem was written/submitted by Aine Doyle.


DownUp +4

People look at me,
I’m not quite sure what they see.

This thought stay in my mind at all the time.
I sit and think about how my life used to be, when it was only you and me.

I feel like a ghoul,
i don’t know where’s my soul.

I feel hopeless,
As i sit in the darkness i think of nothing but my sadness.

I have realized im alone, with no one to hold,
But i guess I’m just another lost soul
sitting all alone.

This poem was written/submitted by fallski.

Why? (2nd night alone)

DownUp +4

I am a very inquisitive person
I’m just that kind of guy
My favorite sign is a question mark
My favorite word is “Why”
I don’t always get the answer, or even an answer
But I never fail to try
Sometimes my answers are questions
My why begets a why, begets a why, begets a “Why?”
Why do I dream of me walking?
When in my dreams I can fly?
And no matter how I soar,
Why can’t I touch the sky?
I wear glasses to look in the mirror
Why can’t I look me in the eye?
And why is it every time I do
I smile, I look away and I sigh?
Is it because I don’t like what I see?
Or maybe I am just “naturally shy”?
Nope, that’s not true.
Though it’s not often I tell a lie
I look away in disgust of what I see
Can I help it if my standards are that high?!
They slipped quite a bit of late
I used to be a perfectionist in days gone by
I know I have changed. All things change
Only, why?
Yea, and why is it I no longer cry when I’m hurt?
Is it because now it even hurts to cry?

This poem was written/submitted by Ashruf Alwarrag.

Like an animal

DownUp +3

I used live in a sweet dream,
But I woke up into a nightmare reality,
I feel like an hurt animal,
Don’t let anyone get close to me – I trust no one,
I feel lonely, but I’m not alone while being alone,
The only one who can take care of me is the reflection of myself in the puddle,
There is no way back, I must stand headed up on the ground,
I must keep walking but all I have is a memory of you,
I turn back to see you, and your coolness is freezing my heart,
That makes me nervous like a beast,
The anger keeps rejecting you from my memory,
I convince myself that I don’t know you,
I don’t want to remember how I was so high in the sky when the storm got close and the lighting got through my heart,
I was in abyss but I scrambled out from there,
Now I found a safe place in someone’s heart…

This poem was written/submitted by Crazy Viking.

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