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Don’t hit me

DownUp +3

And I’m married to a disease that won’t leave us at ease
It’s just a problem left inside my head
If it wasn’t there, you’d be instead.
I go by his word; directing things aimlessly
Doctors told mommy they don’t know what’s wrong
Other kids at school call me a freak
She used to tell me that I just need to be strong
But it’s hard for her to speak since daddy beat her weak
I visit mommy everyday, she always tells me to be strong
Doctors suck the blood from every vein in me,
Daddy beats every breath out of the rest
The voice in my head tells me to believe mommy
And mommy tells me to be brave
Doctors tell daddy I’m worthless
Daddy listens, daddy tells me to shut up
I beg daddy on my knees, don’t let me end up like
Mommy please; daddy doesn’t care, daddy does what
He wants; daddy drove me to somewhere dark;
Then he buried me on top of mommies’ decease

This poem was written/submitted by Sarah Weber.


DownUp +4

It breaks my heart
When I see you cry,
And it doesn’t get easier
As the days go by…

Watching the sadness fall
From your eyes as tears,
A slow and constant release
Of pain from the past years.

They say that tears
Are like silent words,
A puzzling explanation
For the sadness that occurs.

But most of the time
There are no ways,
To find the words
To describe those days.

Because behind those tears
There’s always a history,
A somewhat painful
And hard to tell story.

This sadness in your eyes
From what I can see,
Needs to be released
In order to let you be…

This poem was written/submitted by Laura \'Lorenzo\' Thomas.

Past Days

DownUp +1

Everything was different before,
But now, I can’t take it anymore,
Following the light, leading to a door
Which is nothing but imagination’s core.

I remember the optimism of the past
But now it just flew away, cast
Into the black hole where it shall last,
Since time’s rate will always remain fast.

Innocence was king those days,
And I, thinking that forever it stays
With all its shapes and its ways,
Was mistaken, humanity’s sorrow pays.

Sadly, those days now come to an end,
And easily, I can perceive the trend
Because life on earth can never bend
Time’s flow, and its way to mend.

This poem was written/submitted by Mervet Ziane.

Love and its Ways

DownUp 0

Coming one last time in my hands…
My love for you, strong as a tower stands
Unshaken, for infinity stays,
But you left saying: “Love has its ways.”
These ways shattered my heart away,
Blown next to you, where it will always stay.

You love her, that’s what I’ve been told,
And I, without you, In sunlight, I feel cold.
My body is shivering, coldness filled my core…
This is hard to handle, I can’t go on anymore.
Don’t you feel it in the deepness of your soul,
A little piece, scattered away, a little hole?
I do!

This poem was written/submitted by Mervet Ziane.


DownUp +1

How come my tears just like a rain?
Flows through my face with deep pain,
Seems my heart melts on a chain
And like a running falls that never end.

I heard a noise comes from rainy drops
Where felled over on a chimney top
Beyond my mind I silent stop
Should I refuse that I felt bad?

If there’s sunshine after rain
Will my heart bless with so much gain?
And for all I know that I never see
A deep feelings in my heart that can never be free

Thunder trials that everyone thump
Would you be a steel to cover me up?
And make a choice to live in half?
For your half might be the last.

A wind flashed through my innocent vain
Thinking of you would be a flame
And I guess it would be the end
Reaching for drops of rain.

This poem was written/submitted by Gina Mae.


DownUp +4

I wish I was free,
As Free as a bird.
Do not say anything,
Not even a word.
Even if you want me,
I cannot oblige,
Until you have seen,
My life through my eyes!

This poem was written/submitted by Courtney.

Lovely suicide

DownUp +9

Blue is the pain
you see in her eyes

orange is his car
you see drive away

clear is the tears
that slide down her face

black is the ink
on the note she leaves

white is the tub
you see filled with water

silver is the razor
you see in her hand

red is the blood
you see in the water

love is the slowest form of suicide…

This poem was written/submitted by lydia oliver.

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