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DownUp +6

When I look in the mirror I see failure
Failure to be who I really am
I confine myself into a neat little shell
A shell in which I am to scared to break
I keep a wall around my heart
I have chains that bind my voice
And I keep a lock around my thought
I wish I could be unscared
I wish I could be me
But if people saw me for who I really am
Would they reject me?

This poem was written/submitted by Rebecca Davis.


DownUp +6

Your face,your eyes, your hair, your smile
just makes me melt to the ground
I still look back on these two days hoping
someday our eyes will meet, like the other day
All my memories they will never fade I will always have your picture in my head
All of these words that we have said, all of these smiles that we have shed,
just seems Like I saw you yesterday
I m still waiting for that day to come, still waiting to see you again,
still waiting to hold your hand and hear your voice again
I’m still counting down the days
but what if someday we’ll meet and just stare blank at our feet
with no words to come out loud
will just loose our only chance
And all we’ll have is the memory from the past

This poem was written/submitted by Dagiii.

Where did Valentines go?

DownUp +3

I remember a time when I couldn’t wait for valentines Day.
The love I felt for that special person,
I could not wait,
to tell her how much she meant.
I would even leave work early that day ,
just to make sure I got the perfect bouquet.
I would search the whole town, till I found just the right piece
to complete her Valentines wish.
Over the years, not exactly sure where it was lost, Valentines Day just isn’t the same.
We don’t make it a priority to go out of our way to wish that special person a happy Valentines Day.

This poem was written/submitted by Efren.


DownUp +3

In my younger days, life was pink,
But these days my hope can only sink.
My eyes ran out as a pen of ink
Making my memories unbury to think.
I think…

In my younger days, happiness was aflow,
But these days, into sadness will it grow.
My deepest grudges all get into a row
In my head. I don’t want them to show.
I show…

In my younger days, all was in symmetry,
But these days, all’s in a cemetery.
Everyone seems to be so free,
Do you think it’s because I show no sympathy?
No sympathy…

I think I show No sympathy

This poem was written/submitted by Mervet Ziane.

How Many Times?

DownUp +2

How many times do I need to score to make you happy?
How many times do I make myself cry so you will notice me?
How many times do I change my clothes to look pretty for you?
How many times should I cry myself to sleep because I can’t get you off my mind?
Why don’t you hear me, see me, love me the way you did?
How many times will you hurt me before I realize my fear has overcome my love for you?

This poem was written/submitted by Meghan.

I spread my wings and fly away

DownUp +5

Darkened by hatred.
Fragile as my heart.
Hidden from you.
Now I fall apart.
Can’t find my light.
You can’t see me cry.
Its only cos of you,
that I want to die.
Life was a game
Its all gonna cost.
What i couldn’t realize,
is now that I lost.
Its my fault for whats happened today.
I spread my wings and fly away…

This poem was written/submitted by Arielle Catastrophe.

My love

DownUp +2

When I first saw you, my clock stop
Feels like dancing melody that beat me fast
Every time I looked into your face
I saw an angle that kissed my tears away
And even my fears would seem okay.

I imagine you and me will be together
For a second or minute that I pray would last forever
All I want is simply to be with you
And share the laughter that makes me complete and knew

One day you saw me cry
You comfort and hug me tight
And that moment even my heart can’t deny
That you teach me to be desire

As every season goes by and by….
I Feel that you’ve been apart of it
And it would be so hard for me to receive
That one day you’re lost by my side
And take the half of my love.

This poem was written/submitted by Gina Mae.

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