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If today is my last day

DownUp +5

Fighting my tears,
As well as my fears,
Tired of letting you all get to me,
Why can’t you just let me be?,
I am doing nothing for you anyway,
I’m just just going to hurt you in the end,
So why can’t I fight this urge?,
It worked before,
But this urge is harder to ignore,
If today is my last day,
I will only regret yesterday.

This poem was written/submitted by Katelyn.

But You Care For Her

DownUp +3

As I Sleep Alone At Night,
I Wish I Was With You,
I Wish You Were Here With Me,
I Wish You Could Truly Be Mine Its Alright.

You Are Mine My One And Only,
As I Sleep Alone At Night,
I Wonder Where You Are,
What You Are Doing And Who With,
I Wish I Was The One That You Care For
But You Care For Her.

And You Will Never Feel The Same Way About Me
As You Do For Her.

This poem was written/submitted by Joele.

I don’t know how to forgive and forget

DownUp +4

People say to forgive and forget
but i don’t know how to let go of my regret
I really hope you see
all the pain that you caused me

And if you ever see me at school
just go on and act big & cool
and show every friend
that i don’t matter in the end

now back to that regret
I don’t know how to forgive and forget

This poem was written/submitted by Jessica.

My Best Friend Just Passed Away

DownUp +77

When I heard the news I fell to my knees
My best friend Just passed away
why did he have to go?
Can I turn back the clock and wish it never happened?
Or do i have to suffer the pain?
Can i wish to see him one more time?
Or just remember the good times we had?

This poem was written/submitted by Katie.

Old man has gone

DownUp +2

Old man lies in bed
thinking about the past

Old man sits in bed
wondering where it all went wrong

Old man looks outside
watching the world go by

Old man cries himself to sleep
because he is all alone

Old man lifts his cup
struggling to take a sip

Old man drops his cup
Old man has gone

This poem was written/submitted by rebecca smith.

Return of the Knight

DownUp +1

Sorry for all the times that I was distant,
Its just I’m scared my family will be non-existent,
The partings come and go so fast,
I’m loosing all my precious past.

My memories now have crashed and burned,
And all my closest people have turned,
But why would you leave someone you loved?,
Bleeding to the kids like a sick dove.

No regrets, no remorse,
Just ‘sign the papers’, and a silent divorce,
Once upon a time, they were that knight and princess,
Makes me wonder what is this whole mess.

Maybe it was me who had parted,
And the reason the people darted,
I just wish upon the wise moons,
To regain a figure that will heal my wounds.

‘Return of the knight’, I quote,
Why cant this happen I note,

Wishing for the same memories,
But to forget all those enemies.

This poem was written/submitted by Kelly Allchin.

I can only bow my head and weep

DownUp +3

As the tears begin to seep
through and around my eyes
it comes as no surprise
that I have begun to weep

The tears roll down my face
with an unusual amazing grace
as my face become a place
of bitter sorrow full of disgrace

I want to ask “God take me from here”
but just as I’ve feared
he can not hear
for I am much to weak
I can not speak
I can only bow my head and weep

This poem was written/submitted by Nickolas C. Kinnett.

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