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Losing Fast

DownUp +9

Falling Down,
Nothings Right,
Losing Fast,
Dark as Night,
Can’t Wish My Way,
Out Of Here,
Nothings Okay,
I Shed a Tear,
Screaming Loudly,
I Look Down,
Seeing My Life,
On The Ground,
I’m Going Nowhere,
Losing Fast,
Because of The Regrets,
Of My Past.

This poem was written/submitted by Hunter Fitchko.

I thought I was smart

DownUp +5

I thought I was ugly
Until he said I was beautiful
I thought I was dumb
But he said I was brilliant
I thought I was worthless
He said diamonds don’t even to begin to hold your value
I thought I was weird
He said you fit in tighter than a too-small shoe

I thought I was smart
Until I heard that he was lying

This poem was written/submitted by kc.

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