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Right or Wrong

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There someone their,
Whom you really dear.
If he near,
The shout will never hear.

He’s not always their for you,
He doesn’t be with you.
He is their just to tease
And there’s no chance to be peace.

Is it right or wrong?
To be in love along,
With someone who can stand,
But with someone who can understand.

For me, it is right.
To be in love with write.
Writing and not saying,
That I really love this human being.

This poem was written/submitted by maya.wan14.


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You’ve long gone,left me behind
within your heart,within your mind
you betrayed me,treated me bad
made me worry and made me sad.
Before you leave,at the very end
will you realize i have been a friend
or just depart,not give a toss
shrug,smile and say i was no loss!
Cos when you do say goodbye
i don’t know why…………
i will still cry……….

You did go.left me behind
brought great relief to my mind
you should know i am not sad
infect i am very glad!
Now i know,to the very end
you were my foe and not my friend
you treated me so unfair
now it is me who does not care!
Alas,farewell and good riddance
i know why i did not cry….
There was no reason why!

This poem was written/submitted by helen schembri.

The Unbroken Silence

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She sits alone in her room
the memories haunting her dreams
three days in her life she’ll never forget
one scar that will never disappear
the others that will always be with her
and the unbroken silence begins

She hears his voice in her head
she remembers the smell of his breath
she remembers the things that he did
she’ll never forget the feel of his knife
as the bastard cut into her skin
and the unbroken silence sets in.

She can remember the sound of the sirens
she remembers the gunshots as well
she can hear the voice of her rescuer
she can see his badge in her dreams
she remembers the sun on her face
but she can’t see her rescuer’s face
as he fades into black,
and the unbroken silence continues to reign

She can see all the colours of the rainbow
the scar on her face that he left
is a reminder of the darkness she endured
she screams in the night for her rescuer’s face
as the tears become too much to bear
she can’t take any more of this pain

She has fought so long to repress the darkness
to hide from the monster in her dreams
he will always have a part of her
till the day she takes her last breath.
She refuses to let him win
as the noose tightens round her neck
she can finally see her rescuer’s face
as the unbroken silence comes to an end.

This poem was written/submitted by Jason.


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Unbelievably broken,these scars will remain
Save your dumb lies,I’m used to the pain

You’re not getting my point,you think it’s so lame
Like whenever I yelled,it was all just a game

Obviously,you couldn’t care less
And I wonder why,I don’t save my breath

It seems to me,this is all a big mess
So why even bother,when you couldn’t care less.

This poem was written/submitted by Kaylee.


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HIV killed my mother
I sat besides her
She was in a comma
Never realizing me here
HIV came for her
I felt pity, my sister
A child who would have helped her

She woke her eyes,
And saw two smiles
Reminding us of life treasure,
a moment pleasure
will pay you. nothing but a broken future

dark hour of horror,
last minute, at least a warning
Would have stopped me from blinking

It came, i saw it conquered her soul
Left white and pail.
Satan as a disease beat me
Revenge shall follow, i will find the cure
People shall suffer no more.
HIV killed my mother!

This poem was written/submitted by AARON SIKHOSANA.


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Daddy whys it my fault
Daddy please don’t hit me
Daddy I know you didn’t mean it
Daddy it just wasn’t meant to be
Daddy mum told me you wanted a boy
And she blames me for your mistakes
Daddy if I weren’t a girl would I
Bring you more joy and grace

Daddy you don’t drink, you don’t
Smoke you don’t do anything bad
But why does looking at me
Make you go very mad
Daddy I don’t get it
I don’t know how to be good
If I were more of a boy would you
Treat me more like you should

Daddy I think you should know
I don’t blame you I don’t
Daddy I just wanted you to be there
When they put me down here
Daddy I know in my heart
Even though it is small
That I would be there for
You and I will stand tall

I’m in a better place now Daddy
With bronze, silver and gold
I can smile bright and high
And it never gets cold
Daddy I know you’ve done wrong
But I forgive you for that
Daddy never let me go and just hold on
And I’m certain you’ll come back

And now Daddy I have to go
I have somewhere to be
But I will leave this poem
On my head stone for you to see
Come back and read it one day in time
For my head stone says
I Love You and Goodbye.

This poem was written/submitted by Pania Ferrall.


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I shall not love,
for all it leads
to is heartbreak;

Only brings
tears &
shattered souls.

Sends us into a black hole.
Changes us for the worst.

Turns us into monsters;
Into liars.

Makes us lose,
keeps us locked up.

Never able to let go.
Holding on to nothing.

This poem was written/submitted by Madison Avery.

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