The 3 caballeros

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When i step into this building early in the morning
my mood always sucks ’cause school is so boring
then i think about slappy and of scooter and happy is what i feel
finally, friendships between people that are nothing but real

never will we leave each other, at least not forever
and never in my life could i ask for anything better
i love these 2 guys and yea, they’re different
but if you could see my heart you would see a slappy and scooter imprint.

whoever thought we’d become 3 of a kind
when we’re not together its nothing but the caballeros on my mind
i love dr.pepper and scooters crazy driving
and hanging’ on the 13th hole, i felt like i was flying

we’ve only been friends for a short while
but the 3 caballeros…now that makes me smile
i could never imagine life without you two
and i hope you both know, I LOVE YOU!

we have good times and awesome stories to share
like when slappy yelled, “ma’am! its a trap down there!”
we’ll always be there for each other…i will always have your backs
you 2 are my best buds, there is no denying that

so in conclusion, you 2 are my life
and our friendships feel 100% right
no we’re not perfect and there’s not much to say
except we are the 3 caballeros…one of us will ALWAYS get away!

This poem was written/submitted by Mariah L. Capelle.

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