To love you again

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I still remember those lovely talks
that i have done with you
those lovely nights that i spent
just thinking about you

I am alone now
but still don’t feel lonely
your love that you have forgotten now
Still makes me feel that i am yours only

sometime i got confused
whether i am cheating myself
By saying,i was in love with you
Because you have left me
as i was none for you..

But How can you forget
those days and nights..
when we have done love and
so many fights..
Now when i want to talk to you
just for some moments
then why you want to stay so quiet..

I must say
Loving someone like you is not so easy
It is really making me insane..
But still I want to meet you once
To love you again..

This poem was written/submitted by Pragati Gupta.

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