Leaving my honeybear was the hardest thing...

Leaving my honeybear was the hardest thing I ever had to do (crying). I had to leave to think on my own, to untangle all the knots I have in my heart. My heart was telling me to stay but my mind says otherwise. I knew that I will miss everything about him, all the wonderful moments we had together, but I left anyway. I made mistakes, so many mistakes and he still forgave me. I wanted to be with him forever because he was my greatest love affair that ever happened in my life.
Now that I had time to think things through I wish I can just walk up to him and tell him “I’m sorry. I love you so very much! Please let us be together again!”

When I left I was hoping that you’d come to follow me, and never let me go!.

Break Up (1534)
Honeybear wrote on December 1, 2012

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