She was my everything. Until the day...

She was my everything. Until the day I knew she wasn’t the girl I fell for. The girl I snuck out to see in college. :'( I miss that girl so f**** much. And she will always have a place in my heart.
But you? You’re a stranger to me. That’s why I left you. I don’t care about you. You mean absolute nothing to me. If only you didn’t have her eyes, her smile. Her laugh. Maybe then I could turn a blind eye. Maybe.
That’s why I didn’t come crawling back.
I just didn’t know who you were trying to be, who you was trying to impress. What f***** planet you was on.
F*** knows.
Yeah. I still miss her, the old her. Nobody knows. But if she turned up and told me to run away with her just like the old times. I wouldn’t need asking again.
I won’t dwell in the past. I just hope, somewhere out there. Is the girl who took my heart and disappeared.
She will find her way back, she must do. She has to.

Break Up (1534)
headf*** wrote on June 11, 2012

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