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I hide the pain with a smile.

Submitted by: Mayra!

When I’m sad…I pretend to be happy…but I’m so miserable inside…these some awesome quotes…I’m happy I’m not alone…just hold on bro’s…it’s always darkest before the dawn.:)

Submitted by: Jack

This is me..I didn’t want to admit it. It was easier to lie. Hide the hurt and emptiness to smile instead of cry. You’ll just never know…so many emotions I choose not to show. ;- ( I don’t want to show what’s inside in my heart.=(

Submitted by: sadness

Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy and face the fact of life.

Submitted by: axe

From all the toys in the world people chose feelings to play with.

Submitted by: sonia

Reject a handshake from happiness and watch sadness overwhelm your life.

Submitted by: joshua bognet

Never be sad for what is gone cause you might get something that is more special than what you have lost.

Submitted by: jenikkevin

You’ll just never know…so many emotions I choose not to show you.:- (

Submitted by: karan

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but it’s accepting that some things aren’t meant to be.

Submitted by: Someone

I always act happy… But inside I hate myself so much I think about dying everyday. But then again at the same time I want others to be happy. And them smiling makes me think one more happy person, and that I can be the person to go through the sadness for them. But it’s a mixed feeling; I’m so jealous of all those people. How is it that they at times they come to love life… But I can never come to appreciate the precious life God has given me? Why did he put me here. What is my purpose in this world..?
I’m sorry for putting out my feelings here, I don’t know where else to spill… And thank you..(:

Submitted by: sadgirl

Nothing in life is as important as you are, so take care of yourself.

Submitted by: manjeet singh

Sometimes protecting yourself from your own feelings is the most pain you will ever feel. It’s when you’re alone in your room with no one around, that’s when you’re true feelings come out.
Never deny yourself the chance to be happy, because sadness won’t deny you.

Submitted by: Kyle R

My time has come, and I’m gone, to a better place, far beyond. I love you all as you can see. But it’s better now, because I am free.
I don’t necessarily want to be happy, I just want to stop feeling miserable.
I want to be remembered as the boy who always smiled, the one who could brighten up your day, even if he couldn’t brighten his own.
I don’t know what I want in life, I don’t know what I want right now. All I know is that I’m hurting so much inside that it’s eating me, and one day there won’t be any of me left.

Submitted by: Rishabh choudhary

The worst and saddest feelings one can go through is not being lonely, but abandoned and forgotten by the one you would have never abandoned or forgotten.

Submitted by: Lalo Perez

I just think of your arms wrapped around me.. And I can’t help but start crying.

Submitted by: Abby

God is using adversity to grind the rough edges from our character and polish the gem he had placed within us at birth.

Submitted by: omen

Sometimes, we need to hide what’s inside us. It is not to pretend we’re okay, but that we just don’t want other people to be sad too.

Submitted by: jhezz

Don’t pity the dead, pity the living and all those who can not love.

Submitted by: Bellatrix

Scars remind us of the pain we once felt, but it also remind us that we’ve stayed strong despite the pain and we’ve moved on despite the memories.

Submitted by: krishia

This quote is really long…but please read it. It came from the bottom of my heart and each word means so much, and I just..I just want someone to hear it.
It’s been a long time since I could call you friend, and I wish I still could. You broke my heart when all I tried to do was love you. And now I’m barley breathing with so much sadness, that I wonder if it’s possible to die of a broken heart. Everyone tells me that I should just move on, and what you did to me was wrong. And I know they’re right and these tears aren’t healthy for me, but it’s not easy. I try to move on and forget about you, but then I realize…I don’t want to. Our friendship ended a long time ago, and now you’re gone and the only thing I have left are the memories. That my only way to keep you with me, and if I were to forget about you and erase all the memories, there would be nothing left for me to hold onto, and you’d be officially gone and that’s the complete opposite of what I want. I want you back in my life! All the best times I had were with you. And I just wish I knew what made you think those horrible things about me. I guess I’ll never know. So, even though it hurts to remember the way things used to be, and how they are now, it would hurt even worse to let those memories go..:(

Submitted by: Maddie

I wish I could restart everything back from zero.

Submitted by: Tanisha.C.

These are all so true I feel like someone actually understands me and it reassures me that I am not the only one that feels like life has no point anymore and you just put on a brave face for all to see but underneath I’m so sad if others could see my inner emotions I’d never stop crying.

Submitted by: Annie Nonymous

People don’t cry because they are weak, they cry because they have been strong for too long.

Submitted by: ry

It’s hard to forget someone, who gave you so much to remember.

Submitted by: Shannon

The strongest girl is the one who’s able to smile and laugh, no matter how much she’s cried or how much pain she’s in.
Nobody truly cares about you in life, you realize that when everyone you thought was always gonna be there for you walks out.

Submitted by: Madii

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