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They see my face each day. Do they see beneath the surface? Did they witness the tears I shed for you last night, and the nights before? Will they realize that I’m tearing at the seams, hardly maintaining this facade? I doubt it. People live in the appearance of things. They’ll never notice this torn heart.

Submitted by: Yuna

Lonely is defined as a person being sad of being alone. The ironic part of it all is that you don’t have to be alone to be lonely.

Submitted by: Ryan West

The sun will come up and you will have good times. The sun will go down and you will lose them. Dont forget these or all you will be left with is darkness with nothing but the moon to keep you company.

Submitted by: Better than gone

I wish I could turn back the hands of time.. Back to the days when you were mine.

Submitted by: a person

Sometimes you gotta smile and and walk away hold your tears in and pretend your ok.

Submitted by: bree

People change and things go wrong…but just remember life goes on.

Submitted by: Angel Dear

Don’t sacrifice everything for him, if he won’t sacrifice anything for you.

Submitted by: ad&addie&bri

It’s hard to keep your chin up when everything seems to weigh your head down.

Submitted by: rosemarie

It’s easy to deal with pain when it’s all you’ve ever felt.!!

Submitted by: alayna

When you left this world you took my heart and now I feel so empty inside I really don’t see the point of life when you are not around anymore … :(

Submitted by: Sarah

Sometimes all you wanna do is stay quiet just to find out who cares about you enough to ask you why…

Submitted by: SR

Never put a question mark..where God has put a period!!
(My sis told me this 5 years ago after I lost my husband in a tragic car accident, I’m 28 yrs old now..I married him when I was 16 yrs old, we had our son when I was 23 yrs old..He was my husband, my best friend and I had no idea how to live without him..I think of this saying every time I ask God WHY..hope it helps someone else just like it helps me:)

Submitted by: Sunshine

You think I am so tough but I just never let you see me cry.

Submitted by: sad friend

Time does not heal all wounds, you just get better at putting them away from others view.

Submitted by: Daniel

I get it; I’m not worth fighting for.
Did I make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?
I’m heartbroken and I bet you are just fine.

Submitted by: alexandra

Just because her eyes don’t tear doesn’t mean her heart doesn’t cry. And just because she comes off strong, doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong.

Submitted by: wishful

Fake A Smile A Day Keeps Others Thinking You’re Okay

Submitted by: jade

Sadness is having no one to share your happiness with.

Submitted by: KC

Sometimes we must turn our sadness into joy by seeing them happy..where ever there are ..see them happy and feel happiness for them. That the greatest gift we can give ourselves is the gift of knowing someone we love is happy…even deep in your heart, you’re suffering knowing that you have lost someone you love and the other side you’re living pretending that you have forgotten someone you love.

Submitted by: yg6970

When you are in your darkest days, beat down and crying, and feel that no one is on your side… Remember that God is, and always will be. He’s always trying to help you out through the tears, because there’s a reason for it to happen. So don’t stress about being sad and crying, its only that temporary turn in the road for the next happy memory to your life. There’s a reason you’re crying… There’s a reason for everything.

Submitted by: Kayz

Sometimes in life, dark clouds come and hide the sun, but that doesn’t mean the sun is really gone.

Submitted by: Meg

Sometimes you have to forgive and forget the past. Because sometimes its better to forgive and forget, then to remain in the past forever.

Submitted by: Destinyy.

Pain doesn’t hurt when its all you’ve ever felt.

Submitted by: momon

Pain is what you feel when you realize you are still alive.

Submitted by: sarah

There is no such thing as a darkness, only failure to see the light.

Submitted by: Nolan Smith

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