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Crying doesn’t make you weak.
Crying shows you’re alive.
It shows you care.
Crying makes you strong.

Submitted by: Michelle

We cannot beg someone to stay if they want to leave and be with someone else. We have to admit that love doesn’t give us the license to own a person. This is what love means..sacrifice..

Submitted by: abby21

To be sad for something is better than to happy for nothing!

Submitted by: gloomy

Crying doesn’t always mean your weak sometimes it just means you care.

Submitted by: chyenne

One of the reasons why people get so sentimental…it’s because, memories are the only things that don’t change.

Submitted by: Rhuel Antiquin

My sunny dawn has become a dark night because of you.

Submitted by: MIRAj BARot

What once was a raging fire burning within is now nothing more than a mere smoldering ember doomed to burn itself out only to have it’s warmth and light fade away into nothing. What this ember craves to become a fire once again it cannot find. It’s to starve to death, just as my heart starves for love…
It’s only a matter of time when my heart and this ember will fade into nothing.

Submitted by: Dustin

No symmetry, no peace, no signs of relief, no beauty, nor grace to admire, no smiles, no love, no sun in the skies above – without You..

Submitted by: mange

Nothing sucks more then feeling all alone, no mater how many people are around.
Forget perfect I’m trying not to be worthless.

Submitted by: Miha

Once, I said there would always be room for you in my heart but, now that you filled it up with hurt and scars I just can’t fit you anymore…

Submitted by: The_runaway

Standing here in black looking at a granite polished stone I speak the universal question; why? I place a white rose beneath the rock, you will be missed.

Submitted by: Allie Blimka

You never really miss someone until they’re really gone.

Submitted by: mizz hbk

Sometimes people runaway, just to see if anyone cares enough to follow.

Submitted by: XxXBiancaXxX

FAKE. It’s the new trend. I guess everyone’s in style.

Submitted by: XxXBiancaXxX

You can lie to the whole world but you cannot lie to yourself..

Submitted by: Fey

I didn’t know how much I loved him.. Until the doctors took him away.

Submitted by: Chad :/

Yesterdays dreams are tomorrows sighs.
– Moody Blues

Submitted by: Daddy T

The saddest part in life is when you find the right person who means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be… And you just have to let it go…

Submitted by: cindy

Only a broken heart can understand another broken heart.

Submitted by: Zailin Mejia

The Saddest Thing Is Remembering Happy days In The Day Of Sorrow

Submitted by: Gioomy

Everyone wants to be happy, no one want to be in pain but you can’t have a rainbow without any rain.

Submitted by: karliemlynn

Sometimes the memories are worth the pain.
Every living creature on Earth dies alone.

Submitted by: Shell

You will know the worst feeling in the world when she’s finally gone forever.

Submitted by: Henry.C

You will cry, tears will dry, time will pass and you will move on that’s the way it goes.

Submitted by: Samoravince,

Only way to exhibit happiness is to make those who make you sad to be happy…

Submitted by: Adebisi Daone

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