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Rejoice! For the past is tucked away in time!

Submitted by: Zi

Truth is, I miss you. I miss the way you held me, the way you told me you loved me, I miss it all.

Submitted by: kimberly!

Tears are words the heart can’t express.

Sad Quote: Tears are words the heart can’t express.

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Submitted by: cathy

You might be crying right now about something really sad that happened. What ever happened, happened. It’s over now. Forget about it, its the past. . . And who cares about the past? You may have loved them but stuff like this ALWAYS happens. Its in the past and its over now.

Submitted by: Sally

When you are in love and you get hurt, it’s like a cut… It will heal, but there will always be a scar

Submitted by: Kaylyn

Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like hell.

Submitted by: jessica

You always think you’re the one with all the problems. . . Think about all the other people who are going threw HARDER times then you. You might be thinking: I’m going threw so much, why me??? Hey, it could be worse and all those worse things are happening to someone else in this crazy place we call the world.

Submitted by: Kaylyn

Those are some nice sayings.
Sometimes you feel that you gonna fall and you will never get up, you will feel that you r out of oxygen and you cry so hard and ur heart it ripped out of your body…and you just want to cry forever and ever. You feel that your’e not gonna be ok,,,,,but you do…and that is the important thing…it will heal and it will go away……i have been in a relation for four years and now everything is gone…and I just have to move on…moving on is not easy it will kill you and you can feel that you can never trust anyone.
But I am sure that someday you will find the person who will care for you as much as you do…
Take it easy

Submitted by: Summer

Call me sad once I’ll just walk away, call me sad twice I’ll just say not today, and call me sad a third time and I’ll fall down and cry.

Submitted by: John Lane

Death is uneasy to handle, just keep going on track and hope not too fall.

Submitted by: John Lane

Sad is a word to express how misplaced we are in this world.

Submitted by: John Lane

Even the loss of a love one, the tragedy of a friend, always have a reason to live and die. Those who are sad just remember that you had good memories and you will be with them soon

Submitted by: re ^-^

They say pain will go away…How long does it take? Six years later and I’m still not okay.

Submitted by: Tearz

Wow..these r great quotes!
soo touching!!??
i feel like crying..dis actually helping me re- think sum stuff bout life

Submitted by: nadia

I’ll follow my brain even though it might be against my heart <3

Submitted by: MinnieGirl

My life has been hard to go through,
with the pain and the harmany.
The only thing I can do is to forget the past and never look back.

Submitted by: Allie

Freedom is what I want,
Pain and Hate is what I have.

Submitted by: Rodney

You think you know someone than one day you are walking over to thier house and getting ready for that date you’ve been planning for a week and you see them with someone else… Has this ever happened to you ??? its happened to me but you gotta keep going and live your life to the fullest and PUNCH HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE and move on :):(:)
you all have such great sayings and have helped me out alot and I wanna thank each and every one of you

Submitted by: resha

You say you love me but then you goo back to her n im left waiting for you to mean it! </3

Submitted by: Casss+Bibs

While I was at funeral mass for a person I didn’t know, I found myself quite sad. I though about it and realized I was sad because it was a person I never got to know and now I would never have the chance to know them again.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Go out of your way to meet new people. They could be the one to make a difference in your life.

Submitted by: jujubee

“I am sad” is such an under- statement to what im feeling.

Submitted by: alina

When someone loves me, and I don’t love them.
When someone loves me, and I love them too.
When someone loves me, and I love the guy over there.
When someone loves me, and I SAID I love them, but then I stop loving them.
The End
When someone loves me, and I love them back, and I don’t stop loving them. Even after I die.

Submitted by: Kacey

Days go by
though time stands still.
Life ain’t moving,
am I still breathing?

Submitted by: MinnieGirl

Look at the stars and you will see,
that no matter what, you will always be.

Submitted by: MinnieGirl

Behind my smile is a hurting heart, behind my laugh I’m falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see, the girl I am, it isn’t me…

Sad Quote: Behind my smile is a hurting heart,...

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Submitted by: MinnieGirl

Whenever I do something right,
nobody seems to remember.
But when I do something wrong,
no one can ever seem to forget.

Submitted by: MinnieGirl

There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Submitted by: MeHe

Suicide does not mean there was no killer.

Submitted by: SmK

My love drown me into the river of my own tears

Submitted by: SmK

“Even though you are gone, and my world has turn gray, I wake up in the morning and put that same old smile on my face.”
“Every morning brings the sun, every night brings the moon, every thought brings back the memories I have of you.”
“Love me with your heart, not your eyes. Love me with your soul, not your body. Don’t make me stutter… Don’t make me cry… In other words, don’t come back around here anymore.”
“With every tear I shed I loes you again. I hear your goodbye repeating in my head, so cold was your voice that made my heart shatter on the floor.”
“You said if I really cared, I would’ve cried when you said goodbye… Honey, I did cry… Don’t you see all the blood on the floor?”

Submitted by: Cori

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