Sad Quotes and Sayings - Page 17


“Gone are the days my friend! Which I thought would never end!”

Submitted by: Vik

People always ask me whats up…i tell them nothing I’m fine. I want someone to care enough to want me to tell the truth about how I REALLY feel.
Someone I want to meet. Someone who would call me only to hear my voice.

Submitted by: ashley

You don’t need anyone in your life who doesn’t need you!

Submitted by: jessie

When you laugh all people laugh with you.
But when you cry you cry alone.

Submitted by: the love

Love is Rare, Life is Strange ; Nothing Lasts, People Change

Submitted by: Pattie

It’s always darkest before the dawn.
Meaning it is always gonna get worst before it can get better. This is very true I’m living in this quote right this moment.

Submitted by: michael

To be close with you was to be happy and to be happy was to be close to you. I know how it feels to be stabbed in the heart and to see my world come crashing down and the only thing that keeps me now is the guilt you would feel if I did something to myself.

Submitted by: alex

“There comes a time you feel so alone no matter how much company you have…”

Submitted by: Princess

I don’t know how to smile because I never learned.

Submitted by: Ken

My pain turned to sadness and my sadness to anger. My anger grew into hate and I have forgotten how to smile.

Submitted by: Tara

I love walking in the rain because nobody knows i’m crying

Submitted by: tears of blood

The saddest time in life is when you look back at how happy someone made you and you never let them know.

Submitted by: jb-rider

“Its hard to tell your mind to stop LOVING someone…when your HEART still does.”

Submitted by: AyLeEn

“When I do something great, no one ever seems to remember, but when I do something wrong, no one can ever seem to forget”

Submitted by: Ehdz

Unfortunately, the past is what shapes our future, and therefore should never be forgotten.

Submitted by: Angel

There are many “WORST” things in life…

Submitted by: maya

It’s hard to wait for something you know will never happen, but it’s harder to stop if you know it’s everything you’ve always wanted

Submitted by: Emma

Well there goes my heart again. I guess it’s just asking to get broken…

Submitted by: alyssa dumas

It’s sad that no one notices when you’re truly sad, but when you’re angry and throw a fit, everyone feels the need to point it out

Submitted by: JoS13

When you are hanging out with your friends I sit in the corner crying!

Submitted by: bare !

Intoxicated with madness , I m in love with my sadness

Submitted by: swirthome

A heart is not there to stay, A heart is not a heart until you give it away.

Submitted by: avni

Every word you say bruises my heart, after time goes by all thats left is a scar.

Submitted by: jessica

Pain doesn’t hurt when it’s all you’ve ever felt

Submitted by: Darkeh-gurl

I like walking in the rain, ’cause no one knows i’m crying.

Submitted by: Darkeh-gurl

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