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There’s sometimes when someone hurts you so bad that you’re afraid to ever open the doors of your heart again.

Pain doesn’t hurt when it’s all you’ve ever felt

Submitted by: Darkeh-gurl

Love is Rare, Life is Strange ; Nothing Lasts, People Change

Submitted by: Pattie

I made you my everything, then you said goodbye and I had nothing. :(

Submitted by: Erika

Only a broken heart can understand another broken heart.

Submitted by: Zailin Mejia

The person you love is the one who will hurt you most.

Submitted by: Mokgotho Sydney

Sorry I couldn’t be your first choice but you were mine. Even though the girl you like, likes you and someone else, I only have feelings for you. Sorry that I care so much!!

Sad Quote: Sorry I couldn’t be your first choice...

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Submitted by: cicely

Sometimes people runaway, just to see if anyone cares enough to follow.

Submitted by: XxXBiancaXxX

Over & over I tried and over & over I cried and I don’t know why.

Sad Quote: Over & over I tried and over...

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I just had a family parent die and ya it is pretty sad and I just wanna say thats true to most of those quotes and saying… AND THANK – jen

Submitted by: Jen
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