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Even though I say I am happy for you what I really mean is I wish I was him.

This pain cannot be measured in quotes nor poems only once you have felt this torture will you understand.

I used to think that the hardest thing for me to do was waking up in the morning…..until I saw you two together.

The only thing worst than not being with someone is be best friends with the one you want.

For the past 3 years of my life I have been best friends with the one girl I liked most. She always said she had a thing for me then she went out with other guys and expected me not to be hurt by it I honestly don’t think I will ever be with her if I were to of killed myself in the past 3 years it would have been because of her. Now that I finally stopped talking to her the same thing is happening with another girl except I know she doesn’t like me. I don’t know if I will make this one out alive.

Submitted by: Riley

These quotes are so meaningful.
I love them cause it made me realize things that I forgot in the past. It made me cry so much.

Submitted by: simply sweet.

It’s funny when people say “I love you”,”I’ll do anything for you”,or “I’d swim thee biggest ocean just to see your face”. Because you know they don’t really mean it. It’s only a matter of time before they tell you it’s over. So why do we spend so much time being crazed over thee person you thought you loved…just too bad it takes a lifetime to get over them.:[

Submitted by: i just do

What are you suppose to do when the one you love loves you but you just can’t get along…all you do is fight and scream and hurt. It didn’t use to be that way. It used to be amazing and wonderful and a fairy tale. Now it is clouded with hurt and insecurity. I guess no one understands.

Submitted by: Unconventional broken heart

Some things are never lost, just simply misplaced.

Submitted by: Amy John

What do you do when you love someone. They won;t let you in. You see the relatoinship failing and you can’t do anything about it.
– watching it all fall. And you can’t catch it?

Submitted by: jessi:(

I might not be the best but i’ll be the best to love you more than anyone else

Submitted by: Rez

I didn’t ask for it to be over…but then again, I never ask for it to begin. For that’s the way it is with life,as some of the wonderful days come completely by chance…but even the most beautiful days eventually have their sunset.

Submitted by: shanlyn harielle

Life is too brief…we have to make the most of what we got and cherish what we have at the moment while we still can for we may never know, tommorow,.. The next day,..the clock may then be still.

Submitted by: shanlyn harielle

You might be crying right now about something really sad that happened. What ever happened, happened. It’s over now. Forget about it, its the past. . . And who cares about the past? You may have loved them but stuff like this ALWAYS happens. Its in the past and its over now:

>> It’s never over yeah sure it happened but you can’t just forget about it it not just the past it’s the present and the Future. And yeah sure stuff like this always happens but when you lose someone you love and who is close to your heart it is never going to be over.
*I lost my dad 4 years ago now and I still cry and I care about the past, the present, and the future cause no matter what I’m always going to cry and its going to happen again with someone else I love it already has, so no matter what your going to wish it was over but it just never is*

Submitted by: Past, Present, Future

AWW! These are sad.
But, I think there should be a place where we can post sad quotes for broken hearts. Like sad I love you. You don’t love me type quotes.

Submitted by: Hootie

Every time I see him in the hallways,on the streets,even when he’s standing next to me. He makes me wanna cry for the reasons he left me behind in the dark. :*(

Submitted by: x2becca2x

Not all scars show, not all wounds heal
sometimes you can’t always see the pain
someone else feels.

Submitted by: pam

You know it’s bad when you have a flashback of the good times and try to think of a reason it can’t be like that again.. And when you can’t come up with one… It hurts. A lot.

Submitted by: Joan George

Everytime i;m with you I laugh,i smile i’m just me!! my friends say you like him..but it takes me a while to answer NO…until that night I was looking at my celling and all I could think about was you…

Submitted by: darlene

I don’t know who my real friends are, and im trapped in a world where I have no where to go

Submitted by: erica: dats im feelin rite now all my friends turn dey backs on me

I feel like I can’t survive, my dreams are shattering, my friendship is falling apart , I lost too many people that I love, I even lost all my hopes and faith.

Submitted by: Erica

Laugh, and the world laughs with you…cry, and you cry alone.
Unknown author

Submitted by: Nancy

Love every word written here…
‘hearts who will never learn to think before loving are meant to be broken’
‘worst pain is loving someone knowing you will never be loved in return and still you got to live wid that person as best friend’

Submitted by: Amit Garg

Those are awesome quotes
Heres one I made up
– Life has its ups and downs, good times and bad times. Forget about the bad times, people come and go but true friends stay, live life of all the good moments.-
Thanks for the quotes =)

Submitted by: Karman

How do I say goodbye to someone I never had?
Why do tears fall to someone who was never really mine?
Why do I miss someone I was never been with?
Why do I love someone whose love was never truly mine?

Submitted by: ArtCometa

I am surrounded by so many people but out of all those people no one knows the real me

Submitted by: kelly

Life isn’t always what you want it to be. It has its ups and it has its downs; but you’ll always come through scratched and scarred, but know that the experience is just going to make you stronger. As a wise person once said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” So no matter how many times someone pushes you down in life, stand right back up, and keep moving towards who you want to be and what you want to do. No matter who you are or where you’re from, always remember you can make it through whatever anyone throws at you if you just try hard enough.
I am a slow dying flower, in the frost- killing hour, sweet turning sour and untouchable.
We only accept the love we think we deserve.
This world is a cruel and ugly place to live in, but once in a while, we’re reminded of how beautiful it can be.
The worst feeling is knowing that you aren’t needed.
That you are alone in this world, and that you no long have a reason to live.

Submitted by: Amanda

Sadness is a similar to a gray cloud that chases you, however sometimes it rains, some others it thunders, and it may also hold still over you just cz its an infinite feeling.
Always trust God and believe that He support you even if you don’t feel that fact.

Submitted by: the hurted nizo

Always be happy no matter what bcuz GOD is on your side.

Submitted by: ROSE

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