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To be close with you was to be happy and to be happy was to be close to you. I know how it feels to be stabbed in the heart and to see my world come crashing down and the only thing that keeps me now is the guilt you would feel if I did something to myself.

Submitted by: alex

There is only one reason for sadness, and that is the lack of ability to find happiness in everything.

Submitted by: onj

Why do we love, when at the end. . . We just hurt.

Submitted by: sydney

You will cry, tears will dry, time will pass and you will move on that’s the way it goes.

Submitted by: Samoravince,

Dreams are like glass, they often get shattered.

Submitted by: Katie

I look strong from the outside, but I’m weak inside.

Submitted by: Malexander

I always seem to be left behind, wondering why he can’t be kind. Thinking when I’ll be done playing catch up, and just hoping for his sweet touch. Hating myself because I can’t think, just wishing that I won’t sink, into something so dark and deep.

Everyone is so ahead, I am imagining, “Can’t I just be dead?” I’m tired of struggling, I’m tired of waiting. Can’t this be over? Can’t this be done with? Does someone have the answer that I been looking for? If you do, can you tell me? Solve this ridden for me?

Submitted by: punk rocker chic the unspoken girl

Nothing sucks more then feeling all alone, no mater how many people are around.
Forget perfect I’m trying not to be worthless.

Submitted by: Miha

All unhappiness is due to wrong expectations. (Buddhist)

Submitted by: "Ann Strickland-Clark

Even if it was a joke, it still left a mark.
Sure, you put the pieces back together, for that I loved you.
But you broke my heart apart again, but yet I still love you.
It only took one misunderstanding for my heart to break.
You were the one to fix it, but you were the one to break it.
You came back and I accepted you again,
But only time will erase the doubt from my heart.
Memories can never change, but it’s your decision to move on or mourn over it.
When I cut, my friend said I did it for attention.
I did it to bring out my inner pain. I did it so people can notice and give me help.
I was tired of crying in the corner everyday, so I decided to make a change.
Sometimes, changes aren’t that bad.

Submitted by: ~:(~

A heart with trust and an eye with dust always cries!!.

Submitted by: SadIK ALI

I try so hard to keep you happy, but all you do is bring me down.
– Alisha Monique

You can’t put your arms around a memory.

Submitted by: Tamara

Pain is what you feel when you realize you are still alive.

Submitted by: sarah

How many tears have to fall before you realize I’m crying?

Submitted by: Kiki

I’m not sad by this thing that I’m nothing to you but by this thing that you’re everything to me and now I have nothing.

Submitted by: Kavya

For I see you daily and it’s crazy to believe that I once loved you and you put me through so much.

Submitted by: ashley barnett

Smile, it’s what everyone says right? But the smile isn’t the problem, anyone can put on a fake smile and seem happy every day, I know I do. But there is a problem when you are unable to cry.

Submitted by: Antoinette

Lonely is defined as a person being sad of being alone. The ironic part of it all is that you don’t have to be alone to be lonely.

Submitted by: Ryan West

Love is one of those things were you know you’re going into something that eventually is gonna end but know the tears you shed, they brush off. So don’t shed tear for someone if they don’t shed one for you.

Submitted by: Paige

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