Sad Quotes and Sayings

here is only one reason for sadness, and that is the lack of ability to find happiness in everything.


Submitted by: onj

Sadness is a similar to a gray cloud that chases you, however sometimes it rains, some others it thunders, and it may also hold still over you just cz its an infinite feeling.
Always trust God and believe that He support you even if you don’t feel that fact.

Submitted by: the hurted nizo

There’s a girl in my mirror crying tonight, and there’s nothing I can say to make her feel all right.

Sad when someone can walk right by you and pretend you were never a big part of their life.

A heart with trust and an eye with dust always cries!!.

Submitted by: SadIK ALI

I always act happy… But inside I hate myself so much I think about dying everyday. But then again at the same time I want others to be happy. And them smiling makes me think one more happy person, and that I can be the person to go through the sadness for them. But it’s a mixed feeling; I’m so jealous of all those people. How is it that they at times they come to love life… But I can never come to appreciate the precious life God has given me? Why did he put me here. What is my purpose in this world..?
I’m sorry for putting out my feelings here, I don’t know where else to spill… And thank you..(:

Submitted by: sadgirl

Even With Tears In My Eyes I Still Manage To Say I’m Okay With A Smile!

Submitted by: carmen

I could go on with my day and act like everything is okay. But as my life goes on it hurts more in every way.

The worst way to love someone is to sit next to them, knowing they don’t love you back.

Why one has to keep oneself in prison, while the door is wide open. Come out.

Submitted by: suman

I look strong from the outside, but I’m weak inside.

Submitted by: Malexander

No matter how much you have hurt me, I still pray for you every night.

I always seem to be left behind, wondering why he can’t be kind. Thinking when I’ll be done playing catch up, and just hoping for his sweet touch. Hating myself because I can’t think, just wishing that I won’t sink, into something so dark and deep.

Everyone is so ahead, I am imagining, “Can’t I just be dead?” I’m tired of struggling, I’m tired of waiting. Can’t this be over? Can’t this be done with? Does someone have the answer that I been looking for? If you do, can you tell me? Solve this ridden for me?

Submitted by: punk rocker chic the unspoken girl

When we talk and you say, “Now get out of my face.” and I reply, “Fine, goodbye.” and his reply, “Goodbye stranger.” That breaks me in pieces.

Submitted by: Goodbye stranger

Why do we love, when at the end. . . We just hurt.

Submitted by: sydney

To be close with you was to be happy and to be happy was to be close to you. I know how it feels to be stabbed in the heart and to see my world come crashing down and the only thing that keeps me now is the guilt you would feel if I did something to myself.

Submitted by: alex

Nothing sucks more then feeling all alone, no mater how many people are around.
Forget perfect I’m trying not to be worthless.

Submitted by: Miha

You will cry, tears will dry, time will pass and you will move on that’s the way it goes.

Submitted by: Samoravince,

My heart is the strongest part of my body…it’s been stepped on and broken many times…but somehow, it still manages to work.

Submitted by: Alison 13

The funniest people are the saddest once.

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