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The same thing that makes you laugh will make you cry.

Submitted by: Shadowless

The worst kind of pain is when you are smiling just to stop tears from falling, but if you look closer you will see all I am hiding and all the pain I cover up with a smile.

Submitted by: emma

Sometimes living is painful, sometimes I can’t hide my sadness, sometimes I can’t fake a smile because I know it’s a lie.

Submitted by: emma

Crying: it’s a way to defrost the ice building up around your soul.

Submitted by: Wolfie-Lyns

Don’t drown yourself in sadness, don’t be big headed from you happiness, just be grateful that you have feelings, it shows you care.

Submitted by: Deepin

Sometimes we need to feel physical pain to forget emotional pain. :(

Submitted by: joy

Some days, it’s hard. It’s really hard. I know it is. I know what it’s like, trust me, I do. I pray and hope that maybe, one day, life will be good and love will treat us right. Maybe, one day, everything will find its path and fall into place. Maybe, one day, you will find someone to whom you will tell everything, with whom you can be somebody spectacular and beautiful; somebody to whom you will mean the world. Imagine what it must be like to be loved; to feel wanted, missed, dreamed of. To have your heart filled with warmth and to have all your worries and doubts cast away by a mere embrace or soft touch of lips. To know that there is someone out there who loves you unconditionally, no matter how many times you stumble, fall, or bruise yourself.
One day, I promise, all our wounds will be healed and gone; our scars will no longer tell the heartbreaking stories of our pasts; our bodies will no longer have to bear the hurt and self- inflicted pain; our hearts will never have to cry out for love. We will find love, you’ll see. One day, we will be carried home. One day, someone will whisper in our ears and say, “It’s going to be alright”.

Submitted by: Nassya

When your mood’s not good without any reason, you definitely are missing someone.
Someone who existed in your life or someone you wish could have existed.

Submitted by: sam

Some how some way I always end up being the bad guy.

Submitted by: brieana

Sometimes people say time heals everything. But does it?
It’s been 3 years since I’ve lost my mother and I still feel as lonely as I was earlier. I feel time can never heal a person. The only thing that can happen is that the person gets used to the pain, the loneliness, the sadness and the depression and learns to live on with it.
Sad but true.

Submitted by: joel

Nothing is more depressing than despite the fact of having it all but still feeling empty.

Submitted by: mehz smiley

They say that past failures shape our future. So why should a child who was brought up in a family of total dysfunction has to be haunted and pay for it the rest of his life?

Submitted by: paul

Looking at what we were to what we are is like looking at a beautiful picture vandalized.

Submitted by: Ainsley

It’s hard to answer the question “What’s wrong” when nothing’s right.

Submitted by: TAYLOR MYERS

I’m so sad, just let me be. Leave the lights off, no, don’t you open up the window drapes, I find comfort here in my my dark cave. I don’t want the the world to come in. I don’t need your bright lights. Let me be for today, tomorrow I shall try again.

Submitted by: Veronica pineda

I’m alone in this selfish world.

Submitted by: chaand@u

Letting go is hard, but holding on is harder.

Submitted by: ladyk

You don’t cry because you are weak, you cry because you have been strong for too long and have had enough.

Submitted by: andrew

We always thought we’d look back on our tears and laugh, but we never thought we’d look back on our laughter and cry.

Submitted by: Pinoy

Oh, how deeply I desire to end myself. How tremendously I loathe my existence. Unbearable are my days; lonely are my nights. Sweet is the numbness that I long to collapse into.
Oh, how deeply I desire to end myself.

Submitted by: Samantha V.L.

We never hate people we love the most, we only try to make them know how it feels when we are neglected.

Submitted by: Lucky 13

Sometimes it’s good to be alone… Because at that time, nobody hurts you…:(

Submitted by: pooja

Why my tears are invisible to you…

Submitted by: rajjo

It might be painful now, but one day you’re going to look back & realize that it was only to lead you to where you are.

Submitted by: Dalton Wainwright

One who has truly loved and lost someone,..knows what real pain is.

Submitted by: Buddy

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