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Awww!!! That is so cute… Do you really think I care?

Submitted by: JC

Judge: How do you plead?
Me: Not guilty your honer!
Judge: What have you got to say for yourself?
Me: Isn’t being ugly against the law?

Submitted by: Prince-Flames O. M

Cool Story Bro. Tell it again, you should tell it at parties.

Submitted by: Allison

If Barbie had brains she could drive, ride horses, swim, walk and talk, remind me what can you do again.

Submitted by: emma

Since you’re so great, I might as well ask for advice.

Submitted by: Camilo Iribarren

I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in charge? See I didn’t get the memo.

Submitted by: Gabriel Silva

Your new hairstyle is truly amazing. Tell me who did it, and I’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Submitted by: isambard kingdom brownowl

Girl: Are you mad?
Me: No. Are you?

Submitted by: Yewizy

Do you know sarcasm?
– I speak fluently in sarcasm.

Submitted by: Nina

Oh, I’m so sorry! You’re confusing me with someone who cares!

Submitted by: werner

Somebody: So you think you’re some kind of player?
You: No. I know I’m the Game!

Submitted by: Sully Suliman

You: “Did I ask for your opinion?”
Me: “Nope but guess what you got it anyway!”

Submitted by: Melanieeee=) haa!!

There’s a hole in your head, would you like me to plug it so the rest of your brain doesn’t fall out?

Submitted by: Naomi

You sound more intelligence with your mouth shut.

Submitted by: magda

When you think your best isn’t good enough, more than likely it isn’t.

Submitted by: Mizz Breezy

Wow…that outfit is unique…ain’t wrong to be different..’re just asking people to make fun of you.

Submitted by: Rachh.

“There’s a special place in Hell for people like you.”

Submitted by: Jamie

What? I don’t speak idiot!

Submitted by: ashley p

Aha… And I care how?

Submitted by: Monika

So, this is where our diligence has led?

Submitted by: therandomone

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