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What? I don’t speak idiot!

Submitted by: ashley p

Aha… And I care how?

Submitted by: Monika

So, this is where our diligence has led?

Submitted by: therandomone

Other Person: Sarcasm is a Dying Art.
Me (Looks person up and down): Not all of us can be Monet. You’re the perfect example!
Parent: Are you taking a tone with me?
Me: No, that’s your imagination
Other Person: Aren’t you sarcastic?
Me: Me? Never! You can leave now.
Me: You act like such a girl
Other Person: I AM a girl.
Me: Right. So, uh…really?

Submitted by: Tieszen

60% of the time, it works everytime!!

Submitted by: Chris

To fail you have to try. To try you have to fail first to start again.

Submitted by: Marie

I miss him like I miss a sore thumb.

Submitted by: tay!

Away is where you should go.

Submitted by: Luci

Jeanette?… You know that you could be a very pretty gurl?…if it wasn’t for your face?

Submitted by: Tracy Johnson

Girl 1: Do you like my new dress?
Girl 2: Yeah, I like it… Are you wearing it for Halloween? :)

Submitted by: Lillo

Aww thank you…
I’m flattered that you’re jelous of me! :)

Submitted by: Stefana

I’m stupid and I know it, I just don’t like people telling me this.

Submitted by: cheyenne

Oooohhh…soooo must be mistaking me for someone who cares…

Submitted by: limadreso

Oh wow, who cut your hair?… The council?

Submitted by: wolf77

Well aren’t you a breath of fresh air!

Submitted by: Armine

Your passport looks like some horror- booth application.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Sarcasm is anger’s evil cousin.
– Anger Management

Submitted by: Lily :)

Dont you need a license to be that ugly?

Submitted by: Jeet

You’re so beautiful and blooming today..Happy Halloween !

Submitted by: supladito

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