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Smile, it gives your face something to do. And it looks good on you too. So smile a while.

Submitted by: lisa

You’ll never know how bad of a day someone may be having; so give them a gift…SMILE :D

Submitted by: Rina:

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.
– Lee Mildon

Smiling is my favorite exercise.

Submitted by: Joel

Sometimes it hurts more to smile in front of everyone, then to cry all alone.

Happiness is like a destiny, a smile from you is a dream come true.

Submitted by: Fresh

Smiles are great investments: the more you collect, the better you feel.

SMILE… Someone may fall in love with your smile

Submitted by: heidy

As stressful as life can be , people ask why do I always smile, well because I can make you smile back and that’s what makes life so much better”!

Submitted by: summer

Smile, it’s the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.:)

Submitted by: Adrija

A smile of encouragement at the right moment may act like sunlight on a closed- up flower; it may be the turning point for a struggling life.

A smile a day helps you work, rest n play!

Submitted by: SMILE PPLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

S – Simple
M – Mind touching
I – Interactive
L – Long lasting
E – Effect
so keep smiling!!!!

Submitted by: karthik

Smile to a stranger, you’ll probably brighten their day.

Submitted by: bananaz

To get a smile give a smile.

Submitted by: PEACHES

SILENT lips avoid many problems, but SMILING lips solves many problems, so always have a smile on your face in the beautiful journey called LIFE.

Submitted by: syed imran babar

“Just smile, and there’s nothing you can’t overcome!”
– Smiling Pasta

Submitted by: Minnie

Smile, it lets your teeth breathe.

Submitted by: Ben

When people start talking too negatively about you, force out a sweet smile, press the mute button and leave.

Submitted by: esssphagetti

Smile when you want to frown cause there’s someone out there who would love to see you smile. :)

Submitted by: smiley :)

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