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Every love story started with a smile .

Submitted by: Yasser Essam

Sadness does not make a beautiful face, but smile makes you’re face look more, more beautiful. So smile always.

Submitted by: ameera

Always smile as it solves many problems. If not yours, maybe be others’.

Submitted by: nageswar

A smile can hide so much: fear, pain, sadness, tears. But then again, they all reflect on one thing, strength.

Submitted by: Sydney

Smile is the best way of talking…:- )

Submitted by: Upasana Priyadarshinee

A smile makes a day.

Submitted by: danny

If 5 seconds of smile can make a photograph more beautiful, then just imagine if you keep smiling, how beautiful your life would be.

Submitted by: pkgouda

A smile is every girl’s best makeup.

Submitted by: Melissa

The happiest feeling, is when it is your doing that has made someone smile.
– Tong Vang

Submitted by: Tong Vang

Give a smile, get a smile.

Submitted by: bearbear3

Love is what makes me smile when I’m tired. :)

Submitted by: fluffywinter

Smile when you are sad cause then you might make someone elses
day better.

Submitted by: Emilee

A smile is worth more than a million dollars.

Submitted by: Aimeee

Smile in a mirror and it will smile right back.
Meaning – What you do is what you get.

Submitted by: Susan (14 years old)

( : a SMILE from you..
makes me go crazy… : )

Submitted by: Mhelai

I don’t smile cause I have to, I smile cause its a blessing that I’m proud to share.

Submitted by: Hannah B.

Life is too short to be unhappy smile when you r sad!!:D

Submitted by: vleraa

Beauty is power; Smiling is its sword.

Submitted by: :)

Smile more, cry less.

Submitted by: Julie Marie

Smile is the best gift for others.

Submitted by: Syed Awais Hiader

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