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One’s words may mean nothing, but one’s smile may mean everything.

Submitted by: Courtney

Smile…It gives your face something to do! :)

Submitted by: JerBear

Smile is the best property of us by which we can buy the best thing in the world, that is heart of some one special.

Submitted by: Upasana Priyadarshinee

A smile is something that you give it away and it comes right back to you.

Submitted by: mecay

Smile just because this world is full of frowns.

Submitted by: joe

A girl could hide a million different emotions behind one simple smile.

Submitted by: kweenbee

Smile – Its Contagious

Submitted by: Pixie

Don’t be surprised to catch yourself having a silent smile, ask yourself who put it there.

Submitted by: Stheni

The impact of a smile, is beyond perfect comfort.

Submitted by: Keren

Smile everyday, it keeps the doctor anyway!:)

Submitted by: Ems

You need to smile always for it brightens your future.

Submitted by: Ndifor

Never leave the house without a smile, otherwise your only half dressed :)

Submitted by: -)Tammie(-

My heart is in pain, but I’m smiling for you.

Submitted by: Zoha Raja

Smile gives more warmth than the sun.

Submitted by: Bhumin

There is only one thing you get instant in return…and that’s…… SmiLe :)

Submitted by: ViPuL

Life is short. . . Smile while you still have teeth.:D

Submitted by: ???????

I smile to disguise the pain that I have hidden inside.

Submitted by: tyra-lee kay

Just Smile!
Nothing Can Go wrong,
Evreyone speeks the language of emotion

Submitted by: N-E-K

From the farthest distance, from china to America, New Zealand to Africa, or what so ever, I’ll always see that lip stretched upwards and your dimples out. That’s what makes me smile. Your smile.

Submitted by: Avalon K.

Smile at all those who are frowning.
You never know when your smile will make someone’s day brighter.

Submitted by: tatyana

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