Smile Quotes, Sayings about smiling

Saying you’ll never fall in love is like saying you’ll never smile, no matter how hard you try not to, somebody will come along and make you. <3

Submitted by: Sha Nay Nay

A smile is all it takes to win a heart.

Submitted by: ubongjimmy

Smile to change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.

Submitted by: ashima grover

Every love story started with a smile .

Submitted by: Yasser Essam

Smile is language of heart, it says everything without uttering anything.

Submitted by: Bhupinder Singh

One smile may make a difference in a persons life.

Submitted by: Antoinette Robinson

A smile is the sun breaking through.

Submitted by: Elkita

When you smile I melt inside.

Submitted by: silverhawk

43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile, so smile and let those other 26 muscles relaxes!

Submitted by: U.S.Marine Girlfriend

A smile is more beautiful than hours worth of make- up and hairspray. Why waste your time when smiling only takes a moment and accomplishes more? Smile, it’s attractive :)

Submitted by: saramay

A smile is something you can’t give away; it always comes back to you.\

Submitted by: Sandy love

A smile never goes out of style. :) :) :) :) :) :)

Submitted by: Tashia

A smile is every girl’s best makeup.

Submitted by: Melissa

A smile a day keeps the doctor away

Submitted by: rad mad

A lot of people ask me why I smile?
Why? Because it makes you attractive. It changes your mood. It relieves stress & it helps you stay positive.

Submitted by: courtney

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