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Smile, Maybe He Will Notice:):)!!!…

Submitted by: Alyssa

A smile brighten the day to a good night’s sleep.

Submitted by: Lifuka

A smile is an instant face lift.

Submitted by: Brenda

Smile n blush differentiate man from animals!

Submitted by: Saira

Today is going to be a good day, because I refuse to let any one steal my smile.

Submitted by: VALON

Whenever you feel sad, smile, someone in the world just tripped over.

Submitted by: Valkyrie

Smile when things get tough cause it makes life more fun.

Submitted by: Kaitlyn

The world would be a better place if everyone would just smile.:)

Submitted by: Emma

I’ve learned that “Even a simple smile is rewarded in heaven.” Smile a lot and have great rewards.

Submitted by: Nicolenikz

A smile which fights its way through brimming tears can confuse even the wisest of men.

Submitted by: Tori

Hey guys this is my own:
everytime you frown, the sun shines dimmer

Submitted by: KzTMxx

A smile is contagious, lets start an epidemic.

Submitted by: Someone

A smile isn’t the result of good things, if you smile and believe that good things will happen, that’s a preface to good things happening.

Submitted by: Hannah

Just smile, and there’s nothing you can’t overcome.

Submitted by: Chubby

A smile says it all. :)

Submitted by: Nic

Smile, it makes me happy.

Submitted by: DearNothingness

When I’m the cause of your smile, I can’t help smiling (:
My God it’s so beautiful when that boy smiles.
I know you don’t know this, but you are always the reason for the smile I wear.

Submitted by: Teagan

She’s got that kinda smile you wanna drop everything and buy a camera for.

Submitted by: Brandon Howell

Always remember, no matter how useless you think you are…you’re always someone’s reason to smile. <3

Submitted by: Jeffrey R.

Smile, It Gets Boys’ attention. ;)

Submitted by: Kirra

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