Smile Quotes, Sayings about smiling

Smile And Forgive. It’s The Only Way To Live.

Submitted by: cendrella :D

Smile is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on you- – always keep smiling- –

Submitted by: ---smiley---

A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. :)

Submitted by: NicoleAlanoParagas

If you see someone without a smile give them yours.

Submitted by: Earth Mask

Sometimes it hurts more to smile in front of everyone, than to cry all alone.

Smile:) smile large and keep smiling…Your cheeks hurt but its the cutest thing:)

Submitted by: smiles:)

– her: can I confess something?
– him: sure?
– her: your smile is the prettiest smile I have ever seen
– him: can I confess something as well?
– her: sure
– him: this smile only exists when I’m with You.:)

Submitted by: rj24

Every smile you give brings light to someone else’s face… They can’t help but to smile back… :)

Submitted by: Rose M

A smile should be shared with everybody.

Submitted by: morrowlexy

Why worry and have wrinkles…?
when you can smile and have dimples… :))

Submitted by: Ronita

Smile a lot it costs nothing…

Submitted by: honey...

SMILE. Means……

Submitted by: ?.zedan

Smile is a tonic of self confidence.

Submitted by: liaqath

Behind her smile are stories you may never understand.

Submitted by: anita

A smile a day keep pain away

Submitted by: abi

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