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Every smile you give brings light to someone else’s face… They can’t help but to smile back… :)

Submitted by: Rose M

Smile because you never know what life will hand you, smile because you know it could always be worse…

Submitted by: Rose M

Smile like you mean it, laugh like it’s the last.

Submitted by: lizbeth serrano

Beauty is power; Smiling is its sword.

Submitted by: :)

Behind every smile, is someone who put it there! :)

Submitted by: Liiv

Your smile heals my heart and brightens my day.

Submitted by: Nikita Maldon

Smile…it will make somebody’s day!

Submitted by: kay

Smile, someone else might need it.

Submitted by: andrea

Smile doesn’t always reflect that you are happy.

Submitted by: Monalisa

Smiling is an exercise that can be shared with many with one motion, which has unlimited benefits!!
Have you EXERSMILED today?

Submitted by: Susana Cabral

When you smile, it makes my world spin around and around and around.

Submitted by: lily

A smile is free, and things that are free are there to be shared. So pass on a smile and one day, when your feeling down, that smile will return back to you, be it by a handsome stranger, or a beautiful child. It will always be returned.
Smiles make up for the words we can’t say.

Submitted by: Eleanor Bromley

A smile is more beautiful than hours worth of make- up and hairspray. Why waste your time when smiling only takes a moment and accomplishes more? Smile, it’s attractive :)

Submitted by: saramay

Smile And Forgive. It’s The Only Way To Live.
Smile Quote: Smile And Forgive. It’s The Only Way...

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Submitted by: cendrella :D

SMILE :) !!!!! No matter how bad it is… Someone always has it WORSE.

Submitted by: ccwant

SMILE, its a key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart..

Submitted by: vasudha

When I’m the cause of your smile, I can’t help smiling (:
My God it’s so beautiful when that boy smiles.
I know you don’t know this, but you are always the reason for the smile I wear.

Submitted by: Teagan

Smile at everyone, you never know who’s life you might save.

Submitted by: Calcal:D

Smiling helps you and the people who see it!

Submitted by: LJONES

Smile is language of heart, it says everything without uttering anything.

Submitted by: Bhupinder Singh

A smile is a curve that can fix anything.

Submitted by: merna

Smile because you’re beautiful, smile because you’re alive, smile for every mistake you’ve made, smile for every person you’ve ever met or seen, smile for who you are today. You are special and someone out there loves you and loves your smile so keep it coming.

Submitted by: Rachael

When worst comes to worst just simply put a smile on.

Submitted by: babbygirl

Smile…It gives your face something to do! :)

Submitted by: JerBear

A smile says it all. :)

Submitted by: Nic

Smile!!..You never know whose day you will change.

Submitted by: Coti

If you see someone without a smile…Give him one of yours…!

Submitted by: Haseeb

Always be Happy, Always Wear a Smile. Not be life is full of reasons to Smile, But because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile!

Submitted by: Bikash Poddar

Smiles are understood in every language.

Submitted by: letdown23

Smile is just the mask to conceal the pain deep in heart…

Submitted by: Chalsy Qs

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