Smile Quotes, Sayings about smiling

A smile is a servant of the greatest value, love.

Submitted by: ngalani eston

Smile, It Gets Boys’ attention. ;)

Submitted by: Kirra

No matter what happens always smile it might be the last gift you give someone.

Submitted by: Shannon

Smile, it’s the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.:)

Submitted by: Adrija

Wrinkles are a good thing, that means you have smiled.:)

Submitted by: Julia

– her: can I confess something?
– him: sure?
– her: your smile is the prettiest smile I have ever seen
– him: can I confess something as well?
– her: sure
– him: this smile only exists when I’m with You.:)

Submitted by: rj24

A simple smile can lighten up even the heaviest load of the heart.

Submitted by: vicky h.

Life is short. . . Smile while you still have teeth.:D

Submitted by: ???????

My heart is in pain, but I’m smiling for you.

Submitted by: Zoha Raja

( : a SMILE from you..
makes me go crazy… : )

Submitted by: Mhelai

Smile always!

Submitted by: LOVE

A smile is a inspiration to all and yourself.

Submitted by: Ruckkles007

A smile is all it takes to win a heart.

Submitted by: ubongjimmy

Never leave the house without a smile, otherwise your only half dressed :)

Submitted by: -)Tammie(-

Smile because that is the only wrinkle one would love.

Submitted by: Ridz

I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful. Keep smiling.:- )

Submitted by: paddu

Smile, it looks good on you!

Submitted by: SamantheeYo

A smile makes you twenty times prettier then a person with a frown.

Submitted by: deisah

Behind her smile are stories you may never understand.

Submitted by: anita

The more you smile the less wrinkles, you get.

Submitted by: marytee

When people start talking too negatively about you, force out a sweet smile, press the mute button and leave.

Submitted by: esssphagetti

A simple smile can make one beautiful, but it’s the laugh that captures the heart!

Submitted by: Kimberli

Smile because it gives joy to the heart who receives it.

Submitted by: Min

Smile is one of the best ingredients to make someone fall for you. :)

Submitted by: icee

The only thing I love more than being happy, is making other people happy! And it usually doesn’t take more than a smile! :)

Submitted by: Sierrah

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