Smoking Quotes and Sayings

If you don’t wanna see me smoking, then you better find other ways to keep my lips busy.

Submitted by: Muhammad Ashfaq

Cigarettes are a classy way to commit suicide.

Cancer cures smoking.

Submitted by: mallikarjun

Smoking answers the existential question: how you are going to die.

Submitted by: Charles Hsieh

It ruins your life,
Her life,
And their lives.

Submitted by: morgan

Whenever I think to quit smoking, I need a cigarette to think.

Submitted by: Pavan Kumar

Smoke a pound a day…and fly high and say…weed is the only way.

Submitted by: greig

To know more about LUNG cancer….keep SMOKING !!

Submitted by: arun

When you smoke the weed, it reveals you to yourself.
– Bob Marley… A true legend

Submitted by: Lila

Stop smoking!
Did you know that each cigarette shortens your life by approx. 12 minutes?

Submitted by: Rachel

It is easier to stay out than get out.
Mark Twain


Long life or cigarettes? You choose.

Submitted by: Reese Dean

If you’re thinking about smoking think again.

Submitted by: goverment

I really hate cigarettes. Whenever I see one, I lit it up.

Submitted by: pied piper

Cigarette packets and love both are same. . . The only difference between them is that, at least cigarettes packets comes with a warning.

Submitted by: Benjamin Gabriel.

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