Smoking Quotes and Sayings - Page 5


I can’t think of cooler ways to die.

Submitted by: bella

I would quit smoking, but nobody likes a quitter

Submitted by: C. Lyon

Smoking isn’t the only thing that kills. Life today, nearly everything kills. Guess I should give up life.

Submitted by: fishstick

Rehab is for quitters!

Submitted by: Hobbes

Good smoker is a good kisser. :)

Submitted by: abhi dubey

When you smoke, you’re paying to kill yourself.
If you want to die from’s quicker and easier just to get a gun.

Submitted by: Suljo

I only smoke after meals, I’m done to 20 meals a day.

Submitted by: tony c

Smoking is amazing, I love it! You all who aren’t smokers should try it! It’s been the best thing of my life! Bye, gotta go to heaven.

Submitted by: Bob Jones

Why do so many people care, its not their live its the smoker’s live. Personally I enjoy smoking my Hookah, Pipe or Blunt … Or all together.
And if you haven’t notice, smokers are mostly the nicest calmest and nicest people.

Submitted by: Robert

Like a person is not a thief until he is caught, Smoking was only harmful to the person who died of smoking.

Submitted by: shaun

I only smoke when I drink, I’m down to two packs a day!

Submitted by: Emfa Seema

You say smoking kills and I say so do car crashes and serial killers.

Submitted by: Karen

Good smoker is a good kisser:)

Submitted by: jem luz

If I cannot smoke is heaven then I shall not go.

Submitted by: BHAVINI

Don’t ever hate smokers because its them due to whom thousands get their daily bread.

Submitted by: VIRAJ

I am not a heavy smoker, I just go through a lighter a day.

Submitted by: Anupam choudhary

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