Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Don’t practice until you get it, practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Submitted by: esperanza

Soccer is not about tricks and skills but it’s about passion, determination and love for the beautiful game.

Submitted by: the real game

To start a good soccer team, look for a great keeper!

Submitted by: lavia mafukaduvha

The best place to play soccer is not with your club, or school, but it is in the streets, this is where you can play with kids who have the true passion for the game.

Submitted by: Vinh Pham

Sometimes I hate life but I don’t give up on it because of soccer.

Submitted by: Armando lang

If soccer was easy it would be called baseball.

Submitted by: Armando lang

A loss will turn into a win once you get tired of losing!

Submitted by: Maria :)

If TV were only an invention to broadcast soccer, it would be justified.
– Roberto Fontanarrosa

To win you have to score one more goal than your opponent.
– Johan Cruyff

The only losers in football, are the quitters.

Submitted by: Roel Haemers

Respect the training. Honor the commitment. Cherish the results.

Keep calm and train harder.

When I walk in the field I feel a rush coming up my body, the wind blowing trough my hair, the grass at the bottom of my cleats. When I hear the whistle I know things just got real.

Submitted by: jessica

Blood clots. Bones heal. Tears dry. Suck it up, it’s just soccer!

Submitted by: Cant say

Forget glass slippers, this princess wears cleats.

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