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Talk with your feet, play with your heart.

Submitted by: emmanuel

I wouldn’t know what my life be without soccer…

Submitted by: andrea

I’m the reason your coach makes you practice so hard.

Submitted by: moni

We know we’re the best, now let’s get out there and show it.

Submitted by: C.G.

My Couch Told Me “You Run Like A Girl”; And I Said Run Faster And You Would Too”

Submitted by: Natasha

Some people go to where the ball is, I go to where the ball is going!!!

Submitted by: Emily

Soccer is not something you learn it’s a talent that runs through your blood.

Submitted by: mr.wisdom

If you are playing soccer for fame, you will lose everything but if you’re playing for team you will win everything.

Submitted by: baradona

Its simple two goals, one ball, our side, their side, and who wants it the most.

Submitted by: Soccgoalie02

Soccer is painful, soccer is beautiful, soccer is life.

Submitted by: Morgan

Blood, sweat, glory. This is my soccer story.

Submitted by: Brooke

Soccer itself is great. But it’s the people that play it that make it better.

Submitted by: Kelsey

Soccer is like a job. You have to work, work, work until you have it. But when you have it you have to work harder.

Submitted by: Brandon

Grass stains, Dirt stains, Blood stains all equal the looks of the other team when you’re done with them!!!

Submitted by: Soccgoalie02

Soccer is Fever…No Doctor can cure and you Wish its incurable !! :)

Submitted by: Pradeep Shetty

The thing with soccer is you don’t have to be pretty, or rich or nice or be a genius, all you need is passion.

Submitted by: Rachel Cap

You Play For The Love Of The Game, Winning is just a reward.

Submitted by: Rachel Cap

As a kid you play soccer for fun.. Creating the best plays, tricks, jukes, blocks, etc… So my advice to you, never grow up my friend.

Submitted by: Rivas

Soccer is the best.

Submitted by: Jorge Sanchez #22

Too positive to be doubtful. Too optimistic to be fearful. Too determined to be defeated.

Submitted by: chocolate bear

A true player steps on the field and forgets everything, a true player holds his head up high win or lose, a true player has the heart of a lion, a true player scores a goal and every part of his body is flowing with excitement and wants more of it, a true player lives soccer forever with passion and heart to get better and become the best.

Submitted by: Hunter

Seeing my players learn what I have taught them is why I am proud to be a coach, the mistakes they make can be blamed on the last coach.

Submitted by: Chris CC

The people who think soccer is an easy sport, are the people sitting at home alone watching TV while their friends are out playing soccer! Live it, Breathe it, Play it!

Submitted by: Nina

Yes, I am a girl
I am an athlete
Soccer is MY sport
Prepare to be humiliated

Submitted by: Kathryn

Control the ball…don’t let the ball control you.

Submitted by: Adrian

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