Soccer Quotes and Sayings

All work and no soccer makes everybody a dull person.

Submitted by: Charbar02

Soccer or hockey?… If you say hockey go die

Submitted by: R9

A goalie has one goal, to deny yours

Submitted by: Irish Goalie

If there was no soccer in the world id rather die than to live without soccer

Submitted by: sasou

Life without soccer…Isn’t worth living!

Submitted by: Mandak

We have the balls to score on your turf!

Submitted by: Tracey

Soccer isn’t about winning or losing,
it’s about playing the sport you love.

Submitted by: Emily Uhrinek

I am not one of those girls who goes shopping, worries about my makeup 24/7, and cares about others opinions. I am one of the girls who likes getting dirty, likes playing her game, and loves playing the game I fell I love with as a little girl.
I am a goalie, I play my game.

Submitted by: Kenli

If you dread going to practice, but just like to say your on the team, your not a true soccer player. Save the spot for someone with a passion to play.

Submitted by: Brianna....

If you work hard you won’t only be hard, but be hard to beat!!!

Submitted by: brooke

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