Soccer Quotes and Sayings - Page 12

We practice to play we play to win.
– Coach D

Submitted by: moni

Soccer is life??
Life is soccer!!

Submitted by: daniela

Hard work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard.

Submitted by: Matt

Requirements: Good speed, good feet, and good medical insurance.

Submitted by: Matt

Soccer is played with the feet, and won with the mind.

Submitted by: Carissa

Soccer isn’t about how many goals you make, or how well you are, but how much your heart is in it to actually set a goal to win.

Submitted by: Nicole

For God’s Sake ..Stop Saying Soccer ! ITS FOOTBALL !! ( Pete Dunham ) Green Street Hooligans !

Submitted by: bashar deeb

Soccer Isn’t Just a Game.
Its a Passion.
If You Don’t Breath,Eat,Dream Soccer
You Just Wear The Jersey.

Submitted by: Gonzalez

You have the skills, and now you need the desire.

Submitted by: JHouston

Be tough, no excuse, never back down, crush the competition with all that you got.

Submitted by: defender #5

Soccer is the people’s sport, all you need is an open space and a ball. Theres no need to be strong, big, or tall, anyone can play. It is the most democratic of all sports.

Submitted by: Nick O.

If you play for the name on the front of the jersey. They’ll remember the name on the back.

Submitted by: Kurt

You play the game for fun, but you only have fun if you win.

Submitted by: LollipopsandLOLA!

Soccer is no longer a sport…soccer is a religion

Submitted by: Edgar

Soccer is 5% talent and 95% work.

Submitted by: Drenz

The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it.

Submitted by: Alvarez

There are two types of players..those who’s mouth do all the talking and those who’s feet do all the talking.

Submitted by: Zvjezdan Bencun aka Z

Try to set standards that make other people wish they were on your team.

Submitted by: Jordan

The last 90 minutes in my life would be my last game.

Submitted by: WAEL

Give me a ball, a field, and someone to embarrass.

Submitted by: stortzy

Soccer is my life, and life is good.

Submitted by: tay

A player can’t change a team, But can always make a difference.

Submitted by: Ryan Long

It’s not over until the referee blows the whistle.

Submitted by: Derick

Winning isn’t everything… But trying to is.

Submitted by: Austyn

The best part about winning a match, is that you get to share it with your team.

Submitted by: Rob

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