Soccer Quotes and Sayings - Page 13


The best defense in soccer is a strong offense.

Submitted by: timig

Life is a game, soccer is serious.

Submitted by: aa

Pain is temporary – Quitting lasts forever.

Submitted by: Ashley

With love and skill, a masterpiece is created.

Submitted by: Ashley

Loosing a soccer game is like a breakup, it stays on your mind.

Submitted by: Rizwana

She’s got that don’t mess with me attitude and her hair all tied back with make- up running down her face… she must be soccer player

Submitted by: Mid-Field pincess

If your a professional soccer player you wouldn’t be doing it for the money or fame, you would be doing it because you love the game.

Submitted by: PK

To me, soccer is so much more than a ball and two goals, it connects people from all of the corners of the world while they watch or play the beautiful sport.

Submitted by: Bee T

Winning isn’t everything…that is..until you lose!!

Submitted by: brenna

Coming in second means you’re the first loser.

Submitted by: kallie

I love soccer… Take it away from me, I’m buying a gun

Submitted by: Natalie

God created all humans equally, only the lucky few are talented enough to play soccer.

Submitted by: chelsey

Eat, sleep, play soccer… What more is there to life?

Submitted by: Rosalie

Together we stand, together we fall, together we’re winners! and winners take all. :)
– my team

Submitted by: Rachel

I always get teased for playing soccer. I get bullied for it. I even got in a fight over it., and I have never backed down and nevr will. Soccer is my sport. Soccer is my LIFE.

Submitted by: Zach

Some people tell me that we professional players are soccer slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a life sentence.

Submitted by: lexii

If your not prepared to leave your mind, body and soul completely exhausted out on that soccer field, then you’re trying out for the wrong team.

Submitted by: John Morales

People ask me why I play soccer. And my answer is: Why stay away from something that you can’t live with out? Soccer is my life and I need to play to live.

Submitted by: Chey

To who ever wrote “Girls weren’t built to play soccer but to watch it.”
You must be so scared of the females that play soccer
You are one of those boys who have never played a girl and are to scared to because you know you will get beat…BAD.
Do more then everyone else, practice harder then you do in games,so you won’t play as hard in games it will just come
Good soccer players practice until they get something rite a few times
Great soccer players practice it until they get it perfect
The Best soccer players practice until they get it rite every time and then some just to make sure they have it.

Submitted by: Beth J

Impossible is an OPINION, impossible is nothing. Play the game, win the game. Play or do not Play, there is no try.

Submitted by: Henry

Soccer is more important than life. Because without soccer there is no life.

Submitted by: andre

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Submitted by: Georges Ibrahim

Soccer isn’t just about winning. It’s about winning as a team. When you take that field, you aren’t just facing another opponent, you’re facing the entire world. Stay focused and play the game that everyone loves to watch.

Submitted by: Andrew Martinez

The number doesn’t make the player, the player makes the number.

Submitted by: Gabby

One world, One sport, One love

Submitted by: Shaylen

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