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Soccer some time hurts, but it worth of what you gain after that.

Submitted by: ricky

When you make a remarkable save and people are cheering, thats the best part of being a Goalie.

Submitted by: Lily

Some people tell me that we professional players are soccer slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a life sentence. – Sir Bobby Charlton

Submitted by: Lekpai Dhendup

Even if you have nothing at all, still give the game ALL you got.

Submitted by: lexii

I play soccer daily, and you play soccer weakly!

Submitted by: Cristina

If you don’t like getting dirty in the game, go play tennis.

Submitted by: ashley the all-star[=

We win together and we lose together but we get stronger with every game.

Submitted by: erica

Heres a quote ” It’s football not soccer ! “

Submitted by: Rafal

I only go to school to play soccer

Submitted by: jorgi

Soccer is my drug,,and I’m addicted to it.

Submitted by: Kassandra

“Nobody ever told me that I’m in charge of what kind of player I can become, but there’s no limit to what I can do if I really choose to push myself.”

Submitted by: Nikki

If winning a soccer game isnt everything…then WHY DO THEY KEEP SCORE???

Submitted by: Angelica

I Only Play Soccer On Days That End In “Y”

Submitted by: Rizwana Bangi

You’re either with soccer or against it. And when you’re against soccer, you’re against me. And you don’t want to be against me.”
Life without soccer…Isn’t worth living!

Submitted by: cecilia

When you take that first step on to the field, and take your first glimpse at the opposing team, there aint no turning back, Its game time baby.

Submitted by: Kayyyyyy

MY Report Card
English F
Math F
Social Studies F
Science F
Soccer A+
Soccer is always on my mind

Submitted by: Gerald Carter

A normal person takes everything as a blessing or a curse, a soccer player takes everything as a challenge.

Submitted by: MotionBaby

Average players hope something happens.
Good players are ready if something happens.
Great players make something happen.
Go make it happen.

Submitted by: nsoccer

I don’t play soccer for the high fives and pats on the back at the end of the game, I play soccer for the simple fact that when I walk off the field I know I tried my hardest but I can and will do better next time. I step out on a soccer field because I have the desire and dedication to work harder to be on top and I know I will always have room for improvement to become a more successful athlete, for that’s how a true champion sees it.

Submitted by: soccerchick

Tasting the blood and sweat in your mouth, feeling the burn in your legs and lungs, listening to the beat of your heart pounding in your ears = a beautiful match. Hearing the crowd, knowing you gave it your all, smiling as you fly past opponents, seeing the look on the keepers face as your shot swishes in the net = priceless. And that’s how you know you not only love soccer but you live it.

Submitted by: Alyssa

If you’re not willing to RISK it all then you don’t WANT it bad enough.

Submitted by: Sam

True soccer players play for the love of the game not for winning or losing.

Submitted by: anonymous

Losing is one thing,
Going down with a fight is another.

Submitted by: Austin

Soccer, football, futbol what ever you call it it’s the same beautiful game.Rich or poor,young or old everyone can play it,and the best part is you don’t need any fancy equipment all you need is a ball….

Submitted by: anonymous

Champions Never Give up.

Submitted by: Soccerfreak

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