Soccer Quotes and Sayings - Page 15


If you wanna play on my field you gotta get dirty.!

Submitted by: Bella

If you’ve got the game get on the field

Submitted by: salzzy

People tell me you can’t be a soccer player unless you were born as one but im not born as a soccer player Im born to be one

Submitted by: Albert kim

It doesn’t matter the size of the dog, what matters is how hungry the dog is.

Submitted by: Hannah

Play your best and don’t give up. They might push you down but you need to get back up to make the shot.

Submitted by: Emilee

No matter how many good, amazing, wonderful goals you save, it doesn’t make up for the ones you missed.

Submitted by: Kelsey

Soccer is serious life is a game!!

Submitted by: david

Let your feet do the talking

Submitted by: lime green

“A players greatest goal, comes with never giving up!”

Submitted by: wheels

I don’t let the ball control me, I control the ball
– !- R6- !-

Submitted by: Escalera 6

A good soccer player, is someone who practices till exhaustion when no one is watching.

Submitted by: sergio mendez

Rain Delays Are For Baseball. Soccer players play in any weather

Submitted by: Lauren McBroom

We don’t play because we’re controling or because we’re good……..we play because that field is our home and you don’t leave home- ever.

Submitted by: lime green

If you want it you won’t give it all you’ve got- you’ll give it everything you’ve got, everything you don’t, everything you want, and everything you are gonna have
if you want to win you will give the game your time, passion, skills, words, breath, life. Give it everything
bring it on- the game has everything I have to lose.

Submitted by: lime green

To play is to win. To win is to be undefeated. To lose is pain. Pain is weakness leaving the body. To lose is preparing you to win.

Submitted by: Andrea

A goalie has one goal, to deny yours

Submitted by: Irish Goalie

There is no off season in soccer.

Submitted by: rami

Never lost a game, just ran out of time

Submitted by: MO

Either be fast Or be last.
Anyone can give up when they have fell, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart and didnt get up, that is true strength and character.

Submitted by: Kenna

I don’t care who is my opponent. I just play with the soccer ball. Giving and trying my best is a habit.

Submitted by: eltony

If you don’t believe you can win, there is no point of stepping on the field”

Submitted by: Larissa

Bruises will heal, blood will fade, but pride will last forever.

Submitted by: amanda

In soccer, you don’t got with the flow, you BEAT the flow

Submitted by: manchester!

Love is a game…soccer is serious

Submitted by: rony

“Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships.”

Submitted by: tamara

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