Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Never lost a game, just ran out of time

Submitted by: MO

People who say they know soccer don’t. People who play soccer rather than speak it, do. Because, truthfully, for any soccer player around the world there is one common language we all speak. Soccer.

Submitted by: Skye St. Charles

Soccer ain’t just a sport its my life. =]

Submitted by: angel

You got a ball at your feet and a family all around you… What more do you need

Submitted by: kyle

We don’t play because we’re controling or because we’re good……..we play because that field is our home and you don’t leave home- ever.

Submitted by: lime green

If you End The Game With Regrets, Then you Didn’t Play The Game Right, As Long As you leave it All out on the Field, Win or Lose You did What You Went on the Field to Do!

Submitted by: Atlas #14

The bigger your passion the farther you go.

Submitted by: Anthony

The game of soccer isn’t just a game. It’s the life of certain people. Those of which eat, sleep, and breathe the sport.

Submitted by: lane

Soccer isn’t just another sport it’s a lifestyle a religion a drug that keeps the passionate player from breaking down, the sport that crosses all borders like no other.

Submitted by: SAL

Soccer is the BEST, Other sports are like the Rest.

Submitted by: Abubakar

Soccer isn’t life it isn’t a hobby it isn’t a pass time it’s a passion and if your not passionate about it you might as well give up.

Submitted by: Julia

I don’t play soccer for the high fives and pats on the back at the end of the game, I play soccer for the simple fact that when I walk off the field I know I tried my hardest but I can and will do better next time. I step out on a soccer field because I have the desire and dedication to work harder to be on top and I know I will always have room for improvement to become a more successful athlete, for that’s how a true champion sees it.

Submitted by: soccerchick

The reason you play other sports is to stay in shape for soccer.

Submitted by: Amanda:)

If you don’t work as a team; you’ll lose as a team.

Submitted by: alex

To play soccer you need skills but to have skills you have to play soccer…

Submitted by: soccer master

You can’t be born a champion, you have to practice enough to become one.

Submitted by: chelsie

Playing soccer with your feet is one thing, but playing with your heart is another.
Anyone who thinks sunshine is happiness, has never played soccer in the rain.
Soccer players aren’t made of their technique, but of their passion!
Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.
Life is just a game, but soccer is serious.

Submitted by: Emi3nt

When I go out on the field, I just think about my playing. I forget it is a competition.

Submitted by: Nicole

You’re born, you die, in between you play soccer.

Submitted by: romie

If winning a soccer game isnt everything…then WHY DO THEY KEEP SCORE???

Submitted by: Angelica

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