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Soccer does not end in the winter it does not end when you grow old it does not end till you do.

Submitted by: dalanie

Nothing stand between success but your own will to win

Submitted by: Maggie

Soccer isn’t everything but its right up there with oxygen

Submitted by: Kendyll

He’s so in control of what he’s doing and is always so accurate and pinpoint with his passing – it’s just beautiful to watch”
– Sir Bobby Charlton on Paul Scholes

Submitted by: Lekpai Dhendup

From the moment you set foot on the field, lace up your cleats and touch the ball, life as you know it will change. If not, go home. – Rachel

Submitted by: r. ball

Soccer. Futbol. Football. They are all the same thing.. It is not the name that matters.. What matters is those that play it and make the sport what it is!!

Submitted by: Ruben

We don’t play for the scholarship possibilities or the exercise. We play because every moment we are on the field is a moment where all of our life’s problems disappear. We play for the miracle goals and huge comebacks; and for the little girl that shot the ball, fell in love with the game, and never looked back. We play for her!

Submitted by: Tara

You got a ball at your feet and a family all around you… What more do you need

Submitted by: kyle

Soccer is everything. Passion is everything. Your team is everything. But you have to put it all together with some hard work, Soccer talent isnt a given.

Submitted by: Savannah

Once you play soccer… You love it
Once you love it… You live it
Once you live it… You can not live without it

Submitted by: Paula

Heaven called me today, they said they needed their angel back…but when I asked if they had soccer…they said I told them I wasn’t going to make it

Submitted by: Mouse

Without soccer in this world this world would be very boring n lonely

Submitted by: geo

For every second you’re not out there playing football someone is out there getting better than you.

I beat one man, I beat two, I fly past the third, My shot curls in the top corner, I smile and say “You wanna stop me, you gotta catch me, the ball ain’t glued to my feet it just prefers to spend more time with me”.

Love your football, and it will love you back, never play with anger. Simply play with a smile football is about joy and expression, so show what your made of….PERFECTION

Love the ball, to lose it is the ultimate sin, protect the ball with amazing skill.

Submitted by: Gaka'

Soccer is all
my blood,
our sweat,__
&&Your tears

Submitted by: Kimmie F.

Regardless how many times I fell, slipped, or tripped in the rain or mud. I still get up and play the wonderful game of football with my 10 best friends

Submitted by: luis

Who ever invented football should be worshiped as a god

Submitted by: jade asensi

Our skills make us good.
But our heart is what makes us win.

Submitted by: Blingy

Oh, you don’t play soccer?
Get a life.

Submitted by: Meghan

one sport. One team. One love

Submitted by: emilyy! :)

Play for the name on the front of your uniform. Not for the name on the back. Because playing for your self is nothing if you don’t have a team to back you up.

Submitted by: abbey

Theres not point in life without soccer

Submitted by: Sarah

If it feels good do it. If it feels great do it again. If it feels like you can’t live without it then it is soccer so live it.

Submitted by: Pete Weess

Whatever you wish to do with ease you must first learn to do with diligence

Submitted by: karina

Dear NFL Fans,
If football is so great, why isn’t it a world wide sport like soccer is.

Submitted by: Alberto

If You Don’t Know How To Win, And You Don’t Know How To Lose, It’s Best You Shouldn’t Play.
Soccer Isn’t Just Some Sport, It’s One Way Of Life.
Life Without Soccer Is Like A Brand New Pencil, It Has No Point ;)
It’s Not Fun Until The Ref Pulls Out A Red Card.
It’s Fun Even When You Do Lose, You Still Got To Play, Right?

Submitted by: SoccerChick#15

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