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Soccer is life…everything else is just details!

Submitted by: sam L the great!

Let the ball pass you or the player but not both.

Submitted by: Maddy

Soccer. Futbol. Football. They are all the same thing.. It is not the name that matters.. What matters is those that play it and make the sport what it is!!

Submitted by: Ruben

Ok this isnt a quotes but 4 anyone reading this who is a grl go look at #86…now here’s my quote.
“boys invented soccer,but the girls perfected it!”

Submitted by: hannah

Never Talk Smack and say you play as a god
“Just Let The Feet Do The Talking”

Submitted by: Nacho

Yes, I am a girl
I am an athlete
Soccer is MY sport
Prepare to be humiliated

Submitted by: Kathryn

You have to hate losing more than you love winning.

Submitted by: Kayla

If you strive to beat the best, the best will strive to beat you

Submitted by: Tool

If soccer is her favorite sport, marry her bro.

Submitted by: Oscar Ontiveros

I’ll get bruises, and I’ll bleed, I’ll get scars, I’ll get hit in the head, my knees, my nose whatever
Soccer is my dream, my future, my passion. I want to become a legend I want to become the best… It’s my LIFE

Submitted by: Jennifer
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