Soccer Quotes and Sayings

I didn’t lose, I simply ran out of time. <3 Soccer <3.

Submitted by: Claire G.

Soccer scars are the best.

Submitted by: jesseJess

Soccer… Its not just a sport, its a way of life

Submitted by: Thierry

Soccer is life??
Life is soccer!!

Submitted by: daniela

Love hurts, but not as much as penalty kicks.

Submitted by: BOB

“Soccer is like a relationship. It isn’t just about scoring, handling balls, winning, how many people you’ve hurt, or how long it lasts. It’s about trying your hardest, doing your best, working together, and giving respect when it’s deserved.” – Me

Submitted by: Alex

Pain is temporary – Quitting lasts forever.

Submitted by: Ashley

To me, soccer is so much more than a ball and two goals, it connects people from all of the corners of the world while they watch or play the beautiful sport.

Submitted by: Bee T

You can never lose a soccer game if you don’t let the other team score.
– Chris Kraft

Submitted by: pink!*$&%*

Soccer is about sacrifice however if it means getting better. It’s not a sacrifice, it’s a blessing, it’s a pleasure.

Submitted by: Kim

There’s a thing called ‘passion’ for doing what you love. If you love soccer, you are determined to be on the field, rain or shine, bright sky or storms. You’ll do whatever it takes.

Submitted by: nalia medina

Play with all your heart its the only way you can really play the right way!!!!!!

Submitted by: caityn millor

When you take that first step on to the field, and take your first glimpse at the opposing team, there aint no turning back, Its game time baby.

Submitted by: Kayyyyyy

No grass stains – no glory!
No bruises – no story!

Submitted by: Nancy

Play with your Heart, not just your feet.

Submitted by: Robyn Sanchez

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