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“There’s no I in team, and neither is there a U”

Submitted by: peter wu

You have to hate losing more than you love winning.

Submitted by: Kayla

“Its not about the name on the back of the jersey, Its about the badge on the front”
– David Beckham #23 – LA. GALAXY

Submitted by: Tay

Soccer..its not just a sport its an addiction.

Submitted by: robert

You know what 213. Girls can play soccer && I bet some of them are way better then you ever will be!

Submitted by: Steph C.

Soccer the best game in the planet…

Submitted by: khakai_crespo

Soccer stands for:
Stay strong
Open your heart
Earn playing time

Submitted by: mystery name

Eat, sleep and play soccer. Eat and sleep are optional

Submitted by: soccer boy..12

Show no mercy and all who challenge you will think twice…
thinking twice gives the opponnet amd extra second to score…so play hard enough to forget how to think…

Submitted by: all positions with a passion

All girls check out #210
my response…
tell the US womens national team they werent meant to play soccer and theyll show you 4 world cups.

Submitted by: all positions with a passion

Soccer is not a sport, its my life…its my dream…its everything I want.. I’m this game

Submitted by: Carlos

If you win it’s only because you practiced more than the other guy. If you loose it’s because you didn’t practice more than the other guy.

Submitted by: AB

“it’s either you can do it or you can’t”

Submitted by: Tino T

To be the best you have to beat the best

Submitted by: andre

Soccer isn’t passion its obsession

Submitted by: Kendall

Italians can’t win the game against you, but you can lose the game against the Italians.

Submitted by: vanessa

Great minds think alike, but great soccer players NEVER play alike

Submitted by: Mark v

Ask any passionate soccer player. Ask them what the second before they kick the ball into the net means to them. They will all tell you it is the years of training they did. It’s the extra time they spent on the field after practice, it’s the extra laps they spent running, it’s the countless hours of conditioning and the countless number of juggles they did.

Submitted by: Jose

You can’t be born a champion, you have to practice enough to become one.

Submitted by: chelsie

“There is a theory that if you score more goals then the opponent team, you may just win…”
“I eat football, I sleep football, I breathe football. I am not mad, I am just passionate” – Thierry Henry

Submitted by: soccerpassionate

I live, eat, breathe, and dream of the action, the excitment, the competition. The wild adventure
of each new game is like walking on the edge of
the horizion knowing whatever is at the end I will
have given to the game everything I have.

Submitted by: Linnndsayyyy(:

Play with passion. For without it, you are
not playing soccer.

Submitted by: Eddie

If your trying to be the next Beckham then your goal is not high enough, You should try to be better and make a bigger name of yourself

Submitted by: Javan

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.
– Mia Hamm

Submitted by: pacific eagles center mid

If I play we win if I don’t we lose

Submitted by: lil c

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