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Its not how GOOD you are its how BAD you want it!

Submitted by: gabi

Its not how you start the game that counts, but how you end the game

Submitted by: alex

…They ask me why I play soccer, I ask them why don’t they.

Submitted by: Junior Mbeng

Play for the name on the front of the shirt and they’ll remember the name on the back.
Make sure that your shirt is the opponent’s least favorite color.
The greatest feeling in the world is when your on that soccer field, and you know that your team is going to succeed because you look around and see your 10 best friends playing beside you.

Submitted by: Catherine-Lucia

“a penalty is a cowardly way to score”

Submitted by: jonathan

Some call them opponents… But I call them victims!

Submitted by: Rage

We is greater than me.

Submitted by: soccer balla

Never give up on soccer if you can’t go a day without playing it!!

Submitted by: eibo

Soccer is life…everything else is just details!

Submitted by: sam L the great!

Life without soccer…Isn’t worth living!

Submitted by: Mandak

Play with all your heart its the only way you can really play the right way!!!!!!

Submitted by: caityn millor

When you are is always waiting!!

Submitted by: Kristine

It’s okay if you mess up during a game. You have your teamates to cover for you, but next time you’ll know what to do to fix your mistake.

Submitted by: Mackenzie

Soccer isnt a game..its a way of life…in order to be great you have to want it and never give up…if you get pushed..push them twice…never give into them and always strive to be better because all of the pain and commitment will hopefully one day turn from a dream to reality

Submitted by: Caroline

Soccer isn’t life it isn’t a hobby it isn’t a pass time it’s a passion and if your not passionate about it you might as well give up.

Submitted by: Julia

Soccer isn’t about winning or losing,
it’s about playing the sport you love.

Submitted by: Emily Uhrinek


Submitted by: marie

You don’t learn soccer.
When youre born it comes in your blood.

Submitted by: Cloud Texas

Without Passion…You Can Never Play Soccer.

Submitted by: Cloud Texas

When I go out on the field, I just think about my playing. I forget it is a competition.

Submitted by: Nicole

When I was little, the coaches said “play less agressive…your gunna hurt someone.” Now they say “play more agressive…stop being a sissy.”
Well…now I play so agressive, when they tell me “less” I say ” I’m my own damn coach!”

Submitted by: Traci

Losing is like vanilla ice cream. But winning is like your favorite ice cream with a topping. Even if you loose you still get to play the game… But winning is much better!

Submitted by: J-me

Lots of people think soccers stupid…that’s because when they tried to play the got their a** kicked!

Submitted by: Traci Sue

A champion is someone who is at their best even when no one is looking

Submitted by: Amanda

If you think soocer is stupid then come give it a try.. We will kick you to the curb

Submitted by: socccer

Soccer or hockey?… If you say hockey go die

Submitted by: R9

Some are born great, some achive greatness and some have greatness thurst upon them. – Shes The Man

Submitted by: Katelyn

Soccer is love . Soccer is passion me I love soccer you know you can’t explain your first love it just…happens

Submitted by: Anthony

Never curse the ball… For it is you who is controlling it.

Submitted by: 11

Its the love of the game that wakes me up in the morning saying girrl get back out there and do even better!!

Submitted by: AgGiEPOOHbEAR

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