Soccer Quotes and Sayings

7 days without soccer makes one weak

Submitted by: Chelsea

…They ask me why I play soccer, I ask them why don’t they.

Submitted by: Junior Mbeng

Forget glass slippers, this princess wears cleats.

I don’t play soccer because it’s fun, I play it because of the passion for the game, because without it there is nothing and it is like a headache when you can’t play. Soccer isn’t just my sport it is my way of life and my passion!

Submitted by: Carito :)

Pain is temporary pride is forever!

Soccer Quote: Pain is temporary pride is forever!

Submitted by: Amy newman
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Soccer is life…i was born to play soccer and I will die playing soccer…that is why I need to live it out!

Submitted by: boboy

It’s the way you feel when you step on the field that lets you know you couldn’t live without this sport

Submitted by: jamie

Go strong or go home.

Submitted by: leah

A great soccer player is never content with their performance.

Submitted by: Olivia

small word, easy to spell,
difficult to understand,
IMPOSSIBLE to live without.

Submitted by: Mark

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