Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Impossible is an OPINION, impossible is nothing. Play the game, win the game. Play or do not Play, there is no try.

Submitted by: Henry

From the moment you set foot on the field, lace up your cleats and touch the ball, life as you know it will change. If not, go home. – Rachel

Submitted by: r. ball

Even if you have nothing at all, still give the game ALL you got.

Submitted by: lexii

Soccer is not something you learn it’s a talent that runs through your blood.

Submitted by: mr.wisdom

Soccer is the people’s sport, all you need is an open space and a ball. Theres no need to be strong, big, or tall, anyone can play. It is the most democratic of all sports.

Submitted by: Nick O.

The team that bonds together is the team that is the hardest to beat.
– Sly

Submitted by: Aubree

Passing, stopping, scoring, all over the field, but even more outstanding, are the friendships that we build.

Submitted by: xanka

It’s not just a win or a lose it’s a pride thing.

Submitted by: cara

In soccer, the best way to defend is to attack.

Submitted by: Ndlovu"midnight-fox"Vernon

Soccer is more than a sport.. Its a lifestyle you CAN’T live without. :D

Submitted by: taylor

It’s not over until the referee blows the whistle.

Submitted by: Derick

Winning isn’t everything… But trying to is.

Submitted by: Austyn

Soccer is not a sport, its my life…its my dream…its everything I want.. I’m this game

Submitted by: Carlos

Tomorrow I will walk onto the field hoping the other team is having an off day. I can’t make sure of that, but one thing I can make sure of, is that I play my game. I have spent years and years to be where I am today and this game has everything to do with my future.

Submitted by: Sam

Live the dream!, otherwise known as “Soccer”

Submitted by: alexus#11

If they never score a goal you can never lose.

Submitted by: bears15

True soccer players play for the love of the game not for winning or losing.

Submitted by: anonymous

I’m not committed to it I’m addicted to it.

Submitted by: lalo

Our goal isn’t to win…
Our goal is to be the best

Submitted by: Ernesto

Soccer is everything. Passion is everything. Your team is everything. But you have to put it all together with some hard work, Soccer talent isnt a given.

Submitted by: Savannah

Be tough, no excuse, never back down, crush the competition with all that you got.

Submitted by: defender #5

The moment that lasts a second, could be remembered forever.

Submitted by: Megan

Show no mercy and all who challenge you will think twice…
thinking twice gives the opponnet amd extra second to score…so play hard enough to forget how to think…

Submitted by: all positions with a passion

A champion team will always beat a team of champions.

Submitted by: Meg-a-saur-us

If you played your heart out, you should walk away from the field with no regrets.

Submitted by: Bri

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