Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Look up, get up, never give up.

Submitted by: romie

You can take the player out of the game, but you can’t take the game out of the player.

Submitted by: william

A good shot isn’t a shot until the ball is in the back of the net!

Submitted by: Kayla Steeley

“Its not about the name on the back of the jersey, Its about the badge on the front”
– David Beckham #23 – LA. GALAXY

Submitted by: Tay

Whether on the field or not, we’ve always got each other’s back.

Submitted by: abbasnail

Try to set standards that make other people wish they were on your team.

Submitted by: Jordan

Soccer is everybodies passion.If you can’t do it; no one can. Believe in your self and take the first kick!- R.Ibrahim

Submitted by: Ruweyda

No matter how old you get the feeling of your teammates chasing you after you score will always be the best

Submitted by: lj

Some people go to where the ball is, I go to where the ball is going!!!

Submitted by: Emily

Leave it all out on the field. No regrets.

Submitted by: Gilliannn!

Too positive to be doubtful. Too optimistic to be fearful. Too determined to be defeated.

Submitted by: chocolate bear

If your not prepared to leave your mind, body and soul completely exhausted out on that soccer field, then you’re trying out for the wrong team.

Submitted by: John Morales

Just give me my cleats and a soccer ball, and I’ll be set for life…
The greatest feeling in the world is when I’m on that soccer field, and I know that our team is going to succeed because I look around and I see my 10 best friends playing beside me.

Submitted by: Robyn

I always used to put my right boot on first, and then obviously my right sock.
– Barry Venison

Playing soccer isn’t for fun. It’s for the glory!

Submitted by: Ethan!

When you set foot on the field all your worries and problems suddenly disappear, and when you come off the field you already forgot what you had to worry about in the first place.

Submitted by: Dezirae

I kicked the ball, fell in love with the game, and fell in love with my team.

Submitted by: Jessica R Connor

If you don’t love soccer, I don’t know why you were born!
If you love soccer, then God made you with all his heart!

Submitted by: david

Soccer..its not just a sport its an addiction.

Submitted by: robert

I’m fortunate enough to know what love is because of the way I feel about soccer.

Submitted by: Sarah Kyle

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