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I hate when football players think they are tough when they run hard and tackle for 20 seconds and then they are on the bench, soccer players do it the whole game.

Submitted by: Socergirl

Soccer is a game it’s life!

Submitted by: Kelly

Scoring is something to be proud of, bragging isn’t

Submitted by: keli

The ones with the more fouls, are the better players

Submitted by: keli

Every game has a winner but just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you are a loser

Submitted by: keli

My boyfriend told me to choose between him and soccer…im really gonna miss him :]

Submitted by: nadia

Soccer is a lifestyle for some…but for me, its my life!!!!!

Submitted by: rosi

There’s a difference in wearing the jersey and sporting the jersey. When you wear it, you play hard, and are dedicated. Your the first the the ball and the last to leave. When your sporting the jersey, your ovbiously just there to look good.

Submitted by: jord

Some say seven days without soccer make one weak but I say it makes a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: dont rele eva no

You can’t just beat a team, you have to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see you again.
– Mia Hamm

Submitted by: aRaCeLi

If you play only 50% you will end up eating the dirt..If you play 100% they will end up eating the dirt

Submitted by: CurlySoccerPlayer

Sweat is weakness leaving the body.

Submitted by: brittani

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
winning isn’t the only thing ITS EVERYTHING.

Submitted by: katie the ultimate soccer player

They say winning isn’t everything, then why does it feel so good when you do?

Submitted by: emmy

Ok this isnt a quotes but 4 anyone reading this who is a grl go look at #86…now here’s my quote.
“boys invented soccer,but the girls perfected it!”

Submitted by: hannah

JESUS is my defender

Submitted by: beka

It’s not the same without the grass stains, sweat from head to toe,rough housing so that your sore in the morning, getting penalties for tripping the players,and most importantly, getting into fights with the other teams players when the refs’ not looking! If it’s too much to handle, its NOT your sport!

Submitted by: Beth

Soccer is like math, if you don’t practice it it would be hard to be good at it

Submitted by: josue

Eat. Sleep. Play Soccer… Eating and Sleeping optional!

Submitted by: Alex

Soccer is not just to play, it’s what we live for

Submitted by: tariq mufelhi

Soccer is a surf board on the wave of life.

Submitted by: madi

You don’t have to win in order to be the best you just gotta do wat you u do da best!!!!! which is called soccer! remember 2 beleive in urself in what you can do!!!!!

Submitted by: jennifer

Soccer is more than a sport.. Its a lifestyle you CAN’T live without. :D

Submitted by: taylor

Without soccer what do you have…nothing, without winning what do you have…nothing. You HAVE to play soccer, and you HAVE to win! its that simple.

Submitted by: Zoe Johnson.

Soccer is my life…

Submitted by: Laura

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