Soccer Quotes and Sayings

People who say soccer isn’t life haven’t lived at all.

Submitted by: Billy12

When you make a remarkable save and people are cheering, thats the best part of being a Goalie.

Submitted by: Lily

“A players greatest goal, comes with never giving up!”

Submitted by: wheels

Soccer is everything, life is just a time between games.
– Unknown

Submitted by: marina

Soccer is played with the feet, and won with the mind.

Submitted by: Carissa

My teammates are my best friends cause they know how to play the game.

Submitted by: T&me4ever=mids4life=bffs

If it’s my last day, I want to spend it on the field.

Submitted by: s.marcos

Winning is only good if you can walk off the field and say that you played well.

Submitted by: k

Football is the opera of the people.
– Stafford Heginbotham

“It only takes one goal to win the game.”

Submitted by: Stirling

If you’re not willing to RISK it all then you don’t WANT it bad enough.

Submitted by: Sam

The only difference between me and him is that he plays the sport and I live it.

Submitted by: Nick

No Pain – No Game. That’s soccer.

Submitted by: isher

Battle scars from soccer is another way of God saying he loves you.
Soccer is life.

Submitted by: jesseJess

My Life Story:
ya that’s pretty much it.

Submitted by: T.W.

To play is to win. To win is to be undefeated. To lose is pain. Pain is weakness leaving the body. To lose is preparing you to win.

Submitted by: Andrea

My Couch Told Me “You Run Like A Girl”; And I Said Run Faster And You Would Too”

Submitted by: Natasha

It’s not your ability and moves that make you a champion. It’s your honor, passion, sportsmanship, and loyalty that make you a champion.

Submitted by: Juan Pablo

If you are playing soccer for fame, you will lose everything but if you’re playing for team you will win everything.

Submitted by: baradona

Soccer is for physical players only, so if you don’t like being pushed, choked, tackled, punched, kicked, or possibly killed, I suggest you play tennis.:)

Submitted by: e&e

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