Soccer Quotes and Sayings

The game of soccer isn’t just a game. It’s the life of certain people. Those of which eat, sleep, and breathe the sport.

Submitted by: lane

When I go out on the field, I just think about my playing. I forget it is a competition.

Submitted by: Nicole

You’re born, you die, in between you play soccer.

Submitted by: romie

If winning a soccer game isnt everything…then WHY DO THEY KEEP SCORE???

Submitted by: Angelica

Soccer is my drug,,and I’m addicted to it.

Submitted by: Kassandra

The reason you play other sports is to stay in shape for soccer.

Submitted by: Amanda:)

“Don’t give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half.”

Submitted by: SOCCER =)

Out there, someone is training to beat you. Only you can make sure they don’t.

Submitted by: lauren(:

When all else fails bend it like beckham.

Submitted by: Tyler

Great players are the ones that make other ones better.

Submitted by: Blaine

Soccer my life.

Submitted by: marol

My coach says that if you’re not willing to practice your hardest, you’re not willing to play your hardest in a game.

Submitted by: Blake

Losing is like vanilla ice cream. But winning is like your favorite ice cream with a topping. Even if you loose you still get to play the game… But winning is much better!

Submitted by: J-me

If your heart doesn’t flutter every time you touch the ball, every time you lace up your cleats, every time you put on the jersey, every time you step one the field, every time you see this word: soccer, well then you don’t have true passion.

Submitted by: TaylorTheGoalieChick

Average players hope something happens.
Good players are ready if something happens.
Great players make something happen.
Go make it happen.

Submitted by: nsoccer

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