Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Anyone can play soccer but only some can play like a girl!.

Submitted by: Samantha

If you don’t think about soccer every day, forget about it.

Submitted by: John

“I want good players that want to be good players all the time.”

Submitted by: Karl

If you anit got guts don’t play the game, either you live or die for soccer. They play rough and tuff out there be perpared, use your sholder, hit check, do whatever you gotta do to get that ball in the net.

Submitted by: Brittany...

If you play only 50% you will end up eating the dirt..If you play 100% they will end up eating the dirt

Submitted by: CurlySoccerPlayer

A normal person takes everything as a blessing or a curse, a soccer player takes everything as a challenge.

Submitted by: MotionBaby

Soccer- The real football game.

Submitted by: YAHHHHHHHHHH

The thing with soccer is you don’t have to be pretty, or rich or nice or be a genius, all you need is passion.

Submitted by: Rachel Cap

Soccer is no longer a sport…soccer is a religion

Submitted by: Edgar

Soccer is painful, soccer is beautiful, soccer is life.

Submitted by: Morgan

You have the skills, and now you need the desire.

Submitted by: JHouston

Play with passion. For without it, you are
not playing soccer.

Submitted by: Eddie

One Sport,One Team And ONE LOVE SOCCER!!!

Submitted by: Nacho

It’s not the sport that is so great, it’s the passion behind it that makes it so interesting.

Submitted by: salman wajid

The greatest feeling in the world is when I’m on the soccer pitch ready for the second half and see my opponent is tired, while I’m not.

Submitted by: Ethan

She’s got that don’t mess with me attitude and her hair all tied back with make- up running down her face… she must be soccer player

Submitted by: Mid-Field pincess

SOCCER..what more is there to say.

Submitted by: the best palyer in the world

Soccer is something you have to love if you don’t then get off the team!!!

Submitted by: kady

Regardless how many times I fell, slipped, or tripped in the rain or mud. I still get up and play the wonderful game of football with my 10 best friends

Submitted by: luis

Eleven players, One heartbeat!<3

Submitted by: Anna

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